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DIY Tips Against Fleas On Dogs


At home in Mooresville, North Carolina, I have a total of seven dogs, two of which, one is Siberian Husky and a Shih Tzu lives with me indoors. The rest live outdoors. A couple of months ago, I noticed how the former has been scratching incessantly day and night. There are times when I had to wake up at midnight to check on them because they were too noisy scratching themselves.

Slowing The Infestation

For that whole month, I tried everything I can to remove the fleas on their fur. Little did I know back then that fleas do not only live on their bodies, they could also establish a habitat on the dark and unused spaces of our home. At first, I did not believe they could do that until our whole second floor was infested with fleas. We could not sit on the couch without worrying about a flea-bite. And to my annoyance, a bite from a flea is very itchy. I and my mom could not stop scratching our backs and our hind legs because of that.

So, I had to look for flea experts in Mooresville and on the possible solutions of a flea infestation and glad that I found Lake Norman Home Services.  After the major flea extermination, I had to maintain a flea-free home for us. I made sure to look out for the possible spot they could be hiding. Although there are a lot of possible places like crevices, wall cracks, and furnaces, I needed to find that one place where they lay their eggs. I looked and vacuumed and cleaned and wiped regularly. And so far, the infestation has been slowly ceasing.

Preventing Fleas

One day, I decided to put all the beddings, bed sheets, blankets, pillow, and curtains under the sun for the whole day. And it ceased the infestation even more. Whenever I bathed my dogs, I lathered them twice. Once with dish soap and the second one with their shampoo for the smell. I observed a dramatic decrease in flea occurrence in our home and I was very glad. I bathed all of my dogs that way until I observed the health of their skin and fur. They get shinier and fluffier, even more fragrant.

I regularly sprayed a combination of dish soap and water underneath their dog houses and to the whole lawn to make sure no flea can ever infest their coats ever again. I increased the frequency of bathing them in a week. Instead of bathing them only once, I resorted to giving them 3-4 baths a week. After each bath, I would spray them anti-flea formulas to help ward off the occurrence of these pests in their fur. I was able to maintain these methods for over a month and it worked!

Contact An Expert 

Of course, we know our pets will catch more anyway. Do not lose hope on your pets. Rather, give them everything they need to achieve the comfort that they deserve. Our dogs love us so much that they would risk their lives. We should at least give them love by giving them their necessities.  With these methods and with the help of pest exterminator in North Carolina, the Lake Norman Home Services, you can minimize the risk of them ever dealing with fleas ever again.