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How To Deal With Lawn Pests


For plant and garden enthusiasts, the lawn is an important aspect of their lives. Sometimes it’s not about pleasing neighbors or visitors. It is about pleasing the eyes and providing relaxation to the soul. Lawn enthusiasts put so much time and effort to make sure that their plants grow beautifully. They make sure that the grasses spring healthily without anything to bother their existence.

Lawn Pest Infestations 

Garden enthusiasts spend their time cleaning their lawns, making sure there aren’t any pests that can compromise the beauty and wellness of their plants. They love the feeling of fresh air and a beautiful sight to welcome them in their early morning. They want to see the dews drop from the green leaves of their plants. To plant lovers, that is the dream they never want to wake up from. They want to sit on their porch, enjoying a cup of coffee in one hand, and holding a magazine in the other. They look at their lawns and take pride in its beauty.

However, if you’re new to this, it can be very difficult to maintain, especially if you have lawn pest infestations. You may think the existence of one Japanese bug cannot hurt your garden, you are wrong. Japanese beetles are notorious plant destroyers. They can eat the leaves of an entire plant in just one hour. Imagine how much more they can cover if they reproduce. Another harmful lawn pest is the Mole. Though they don’t exactly feed on plants, they create tunnels underneath the soil and the compromise the health of the roots of our plants. There are many more insects that can harm our garden. Which is why you need to deal with them as soon as possible. First and foremost, it is important to locate the suspect and identified what it is.  

How To Get Rid Of Lawn Pests 

To get rid of lawn pests, you need to know what you are dealing with to figure out the exact solution to your problem. The most common chewing pests include snails and slugs, along with the Japanese beetle. They literally eat anything and does not discriminate any plant. There are also the sucking types of lawn pests. A very good example is the Aphids, which are small, and winged insects. To deal with the chomping kinds of pests, a quick tip is to use yeast and beer. Snails and slugs are extremely attractive with the smell of these objects. During the night, put a shallow dish full of beer. In the morning you can see slugs drowning into it. You can also consider “slug-resistant” plants such as Begonias, Fuchsias, and Geraniums.

For the Japanese beetle, you can easily get rid of them using dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Furthermore, if you and control the infestation of aphids, use a strong sprayer to knock these pests from the leaves. Just like the Japanese beetle, aphids are allergic to soap and water.

Call For Help 

If you’re still in doubt of the methods you did, call for help from the most effective pest control provider in your area. To maintain the beauty and health of the lawn, it is important to put consistent effort into taking care of it. It includes regular checkup and cleaning to make sure nothing ever compromises the health of the plants. You may get the help of professional pest exterminator to make your lawn clean and pest-free.