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Cockroaches- Why Are They Considered Pests?


Cockroaches are one of the most annoying and disgusting pests of all time. Here are the things you need to know about cockroaches that make them nuisances to human lives.

Cockroaches Are Everywhere

First of all, cockroaches have no regard for personal space. They go wherever they want even with humans around. They can easily run from their impending death because of their speed and dexterity to move in small places. Cockroaches can spread thousands of bacteria in just one minute. These tiny creatures live on drainage pipes and sewers so they carry with them various kinds of harmful bacteria. At a speed of 40 miles per hour, imagine how much ground they can cover. The worst part is, they crawl over our utensils, accessories, and other properties, leaving scales that can irritate our skin and stomach.

Health Hazard On Droppings

This could be a problem if you have young people around. Children do not have a strong immune system like adults do. Lace from a cockroach’s skin might cause illness and diseases to our loved ones. Furthermore, droppings from a cockroach can be very harmful to humans. These creatures are omnivores. Sometimes, they can even eat the inedible. This, in turn, will come out as harmful droppings that can cause allergies and other diseases. As cockroaches have no respect for hygiene, they drop their bombshells wherever they please. This makes cleaning harder than usual.

Targets Food & Clothing

Another thing we hate about cockroaches is their tendency to infest stored food. They can damage food packaging and lay their waste on our food, spoiling it and making it inedible. Cockroaches can also damage clothing when they get desperate for food. They can destroy accessories and gadgets by tapping on the wires, causing short circuits, and damaging the fuse boxes of our properties. As if it ends there, cockroaches give off a foul smell and an eerie sound that can disturb human beings in their daily routine. When you hear clicking or chirping noises at night, it might not be cricket, it might be cockroaches infesting your home.

Known Survivors

Despite its tiny structure, cockroaches are known to be survivors. Did you know that cockroaches can hold their breath for at least half an hour? This makes flushing cockroaches unlikely to kill it. You will only be sending them where the came from. They are very attracted to warmth and moisture. Cockroaches can actually live for weeks without solid food. But they cannot survive within the day without water. This is the reason why we can find cockroaches in our bathroom and kitchen sink. Apart from that, cockroaches can even live without a head for more than two weeks. Imagine how much bacteria it can spread in that timeframe.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

To ensure that cockroaches do not infest our home, we need to ensure the utmost cleanliness. Regularly vacuum your floors to get rid of food crumbs, or anything that can attract cockroaches. Always check the dark and unused spaces in your home because this is where cockroaches usually hide. Never take the infestation of cockroaches for granted for the safety of your family. Remember to prevent rather than exterminate. As long as we commit to a regularly cleaned household, pests should not be our problem.