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How To Deal With Ticks & Fleas


Our pets are one of the most precious creatures in our lives. Can you imagine having their full support every day of your life?  You can feel the love and care that they emancipate through little things. They wake us up in the morning and protect us at night. They will literally do everything just protect us as their masters. This is the reason why we should do the same.

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

As responsible pet owners, it is our duty to give them everything that they deserve.  It is our obligation to give them love and care as much as they do to us. This includes providing them with food, shelter, warmth, and safety. Giving them love means putting them away from harm, even the smallest ones. In particular, getting tics and fleas away from their skin. These creatures may be very small in nature but they have a ravenous appetite for blood. They infest the skin and coat of our pets and suck on their blood like parasites. It is very difficult to manage this pest especially when your pets have thick furs.  It becomes harder to even detect if they have parasites running over their skin.

Do Not Ignore Incessant Scratching

In the case of thick-furred pests, our only indication for infestation is their incessant scratching.  And when they do, we should never take this for granted. You may think that take some of these do not cause any illnesses to our fur babies. But you’re wrong. Tics and fleas can cause anemia to our pets. It makes them inactive and pale. It decreases their appetite and inhibits their ability to sleep peacefully.  When our pets are infested with these tiny insects, there’s a huge possibility for skin irritation. It can cause our pets to be demodectic.

Use Effective Flea & Tick Fighting Shampoo

First of all, to control the infestation of ticks and fleas on your pet, the easiest solution is to buy a product such as a shampoo and soap that can help you kill the parasites on your fur-babies’ skin. But it doesn’t totally get rid of the problem. Ticks and fleas do not only live on animals. They can also establish a habitat under crevices, cracks, and unused spaces. The real problem in extermination is not the adults because they are easier to spot. The worst problem in dealing with these parasites is where the eggs are hidden. Most of the eggs look like dust particles, so they’re easy to ignore. But when they hatch, they can grow quickly and infest our pets more.

Promote A Clean Home

In order to totally get rid of ticks and fleas, you need thorough cleaning inside and outside your home. Regular vacuuming can help suck the eggs from floor crevices. Regular check-up of spaces and compartments dissuades ticks and fleas from establishing a home.  In your law, these parasites can also live on the soil and on rocks. Make sure to exterminate these pests by thoroughly cleaning your garden from time to time. Get rid of weeds, and ensure regular soil treatment. In this way, there is no more place for these pests to hide. With a little effort and commitment, you can give your beloved fur-babies the comfort and safety they always deserve.