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Seven Interesting Facts About Moths


Moths, unlike their relatives the butterflies, are true pests when inside homes. Some moths damage clothes and furniture, while some moths attack stored foods. Though they do not spread diseases, they are considered nuisance pests. Their escapades can cause headaches as well as economic damages to homeowners.

Interesting Facts About Moths

Do not worry though, as there are many ways to control their presence, either by yourself or with the help of a pest control company in Huntersville, NC. Moths are also very interesting creatures. The following are some of the fascinating facts you may want to know about them:

  • The pantry moths are those household pests usually found in the pantry. They are also known as Indian meal moths or meal moths. They come into your homes through stored food items bought from the store that was already infested. They attack dry, stores foods like rice, pasta, flour, cereal, sugar, oats, pet food, and other similar food items. Once you find them inside your food packages, throw it away immediately as these are already damaged.
  • Clothes moths are the types of moths that damage clothing and other furniture. They eat the proteins found in the clothes, but they choose those that are dirty and a bit wet. You would know you have been attacked by clothes moths if your clothes have little holes on it.
  • Excrement from the clothes moths usually contain the dye of the fabric it fed on, so it would appear as having the same color as the fabric.
  • Most moths are nocturnal, but the clearwing moths, tiger moths, lichen moths, and wasp moths fly during the day.
  • Some moths do not have mouths.  They live just a few days as adults. Their only reason for being is to mate.  Afterwards, they die. They live off the stored energy they got as caterpillars, so they really have no use for mouths because they do not eat.  An example of this is the luna moth.
  • Moths undergo several stages in their lifetime.  It is called metamorphosis. First is the egg stage; larva stage or caterpillar stage, where they start to eat what is in their immediate surroundings. They are the ones that cause damage in the pantry with your stored foods, and in your cabinets with your clothes; pupa; and then the adult, which continues the cycle.  
  • As far as causing damages are concerned, it is not the adult moths, but the larva, that cause damages. They are the ones that feed on clothing, carpets, and rugs, upholstered furniture, and other fabrics that contain wool. The same is true with pantry moths; damages to your dry stored foods are caused by the larva and not the adult moths.

If you have moth infestation in your home, you may have to seek help from a pest control company in Huntersville, NC. If you want the best - and certainly you want the best - just call Lake Norman Home Services Company.