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Fourteen Fascinating Facts About Wasps


Many of us fear the wasp. What we see on television about images of people running for their safety while being chased by wasps are very real. It is said that wasps sting only when they feel threatened; unfortunately, there are times when the threat to them is when we simply raise our hands or swing it from side to side with absolutely no intention of hurting them.

Interesting Facts About Wasps 

At any rate, wasps can also be very interesting creatures. They can be fun too. We have provided some fascinating facts that you may want to know about. Before you start looking for the best exterminator services in Davidson, NC, which by the way is Lake Norman Home Services Company, here are some interesting facts about wasps:

  • There are more than 100,000 species of wasps around the globe. That is, except for Antarctica.
  • Wasps do not make honey, unlike bees. They do help in the pollination of plants.
  • Wasps can be classified in two: the social wasps and the solitary wasps. Most wasps are solitary. Social wasps live in a nest with at least 5,000 other wasps, while the solitary wasps do not build a nest at all and live alone.  
  • The female wasps are equipped with stingers, allowing them to sting humans. Their male counterparts do not have these. So yes, defending the nest is the female’s job.  
  • Female wasps can sting repeatedly. Bees are not capable of doing this: they sting once and upon doing this, their stingers get lodged into the skin of their victims. Wasps do not have this problem. Once they sting someone, their stingers remain intact. That allows them to sting several times.
  • Wasps release pheromones when they are in trouble. These pheromones send signals to other wasps informing them that a comrade is in danger.  
  • It is the responsibility of the adult wasps to go out and look for food to feed their larvae. The larvae, in turn, provide some sweet secretion which feeds the adults.
  • Each spring a queen wasp set out to form new colonies. First, she raises worker wasps to make a large nest and to bring in food.  Afterward, she lays her eggs. About 50,000 of them.
  • Consequently, these wasps die off during the fall, except for a few queens to continue the cycle.  
  • Wasps are most aggressive during the months of August until October where their food behavior change. This is also the time when they are the most aggressive towards humans.
  • Wasps cannot produce wax, unlike the bees. Their nests are chewed wood turned into paper-like material. Some wasps use mud too. And all wasps build nests.
  • It is not just the humans who fear wasps. Even other animals are known to stay away when they see wasps nearby.
  • Wasps are useful to the ecology as they help in controlling the population of many pests. They feed on agricultural and garden pests like caterpillars and bugs.
  • The lifespan of wasps is only 10 to 22 days. They weigh about a gram, and their size is from 5 to 15 mm. They feed on other insects, caterpillars, other pests, nectar, and fruits.

If you feel threatened by the presence of wasps in your area, call in the best pest exterminator services in Davidson, NC. Lake Norman Home Services professionals are known for their use of family-friendly and pet-friendly methods, so you are assured of your safety while they do their jobs. Lake Norman has been around for more than 50 years, and has earned the trust of locals and businesses alike.