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How To Explain Cockroach Facts To Children


Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting species of all time. We can't help but squeal every time one of them starts to fly across our faces. It is one of the most heart-stopping moments in life. As parents, we cannot help but introduce cockroaches as a threat to our children. Every time they do not eat their vegetables, we threaten them that a cockroach might kidnap them in their sleep. If they do not want to behave properly on certain occasions, some of us would threaten them with the use of this pest.

Although it has worked for countless of times, it should not be done to our children if we want them to grow up to have stable psychological health. You see, children have very wide imaginations. A little spark in their little minds can establish roots and cause disturbance on their psyche. Soon enough, they might be developing some form of phobia. Or in the case of cockroaches, it is called Katsaridaphobia. Phobia of insects, in general, is known as Entomophobia. Instead of using cockroaches as a threat, it's best if you use your child's imagination to your advantage.

When children get awareness regarding pests and its dangers to their home, they are likely to use their imagination to do everything just to avoid their existence. This could mean responsibility and conscientiousness on their part. This could also mean cleanliness and hygiene as a value they can use in their lifetime. But to do that, you need to be able to explain to them the dangers of cockroaches at home.

Why Are Cockroaches Considered Pests?

Cockroaches pose a great danger to the family even when some of us do not notice. Did you know that cockroaches are parasite and bacterial-hoarders? They travel to so many places and they bring along with them thousands of bacteria and a number of parasites. They crawl on your utensils, cabinets, floors, and other accessories that you use every day.

The common cockroach can also spoil your stored food. You might not notice it but cockroaches are one of the pests responsible for destroying the packaging of your food. Did you know that they can run at a speed of 3 miles an hour? That would be faster than the typical pest. Imagine how many bacteria they can spread to your home in just a minute of walking.

How To Make Your Children Understand

You can teach facts to your children as early as four years old. You can start by showing them pictures of cockroaches. As much as possible, do not show them the gruesome ones. Do not overwhelm your children of highfalutin facts. Start to the most basic information as possible such as, “Cockroaches are small, cockroaches are brown. They have short legs that crawl very fast. They can fly.” Allow the children to visualize what it really is. In fact, if you can show it to them live, you can make them pinpoint a cockroach easily. You can also do this by making them watch videos, but not the gross ones. When they start to ask questions, be patient to answer all of them. Feel free to quiz them as well by asking them questions about the basics of these pests.

Then, start to instill the danger of cockroaches inside the house. Tell them that these creatures are very dangerous to our health. See, children show what psychology calls as primary narcissism. Their attention is focused on themselves alone. Take this to your advantage. Ask them if they care about themselves and their family. Of course, as children, they have nothing else in mind bur gratification and play. You can use statements such as, “Don’t you want to be a doctor or policeman or nurse or teacher someday?” Take your pick, ask them what you want. Chances are, they will answer yes. Make them relate to the danger. Make them understand how all of these affects them, their studies, their toys, and their dreams.

Use the things they love the most. For example, if they want to take control of the remote control, or they love playing with toy cars, introduce the idea that cockroaches might have crawled on those things and they might get sick. Also, give them the idea that cockroaches can reproduce quickly. They can lay hundreds of eggs in one breeding. Make them imagine what the house would be like after it has been infested by cockroaches. This will instill disgust inside their minds and will do anything to avoid that from happening. Give them the idea that cockroaches are ruthless and they don’t care for personal space.

Which is why you need to make them understand why you need to work together to prevent their infestation at home. When they do, use this to foster responsibility inside their minds. Show them the simple ways they can do to ward off cockroaches inside the house. From here, you can teach them several house chores that they can do as a kid.

1. Throw their garbage in the trash. Tell your children that it is important for them to clean as they go around the house. Whenever they eat, they need to clean afterward. Or else, more cockroaches will come inside the house and infest their toys and garments.

2. Recycling. As you introduce cleaning as they go, teach them the importance of recycling. Although some will fail to discern the biodegradable and non-biodegradable, you need to be there to assist them. Assess what they like to do the most. Do they like to cut papers and draw things on napkins? Then, tell them to put those trash inside the green garbage bin. That is if you have a color coding for your bind. Or if they like to eat cookies and candies, teach them to throw it all in the red garbage bin. Get creative and resourceful in teaching your children responsibility.

3. Sweeping the Floor. Whenever they leave breadcrumbs after eating, they need to learn how to sweep it so cockroaches will not come for it. Better yet, instill the habit of sweeping the house on a regular basis. This will teach the child to stay clean and tidy especially when he is playing.

4. Washing the Dishes. Assist your child and teach him or her how to wash the dishes, even just the plastic ones. It’s a start. You know how cockroaches love the moist, they usually stay in the kitchen and in the bathroom where there is an abundance of food and most especially when uncleaned. Teach your children how to wash their plates and utensils after they are finished eating. In that way, they start to develop good habits.

5. Wiping the tables. After eating as a family, it is imperative to train the child to wipe the tables or the compartments as needed.

6. Fixing their toys after they play. To most parents nowadays, this is the most difficult task they can teach their children. But to do this right, you need to give them rewards every time they do so they have something to look forward to until they get used to the process. Teach them where to put their toys after they play so cockroaches will not crawl over them.

7. Maintaining a hygienic body. There are some children who do not want to brush their teeth, let alone take a bath. By making them understand the problems that cockroaches can bring, they will be more responsible in taking care of their body.

Call The Best Pest Control Service

Whenever there is an emergency, it is also important to make your children understand the need for pest extermination. It is best to call for the competent pest control service in Denver, NC to make sure that the elimination of cockroaches is as efficient as it can be. See, children know their ways when it comes to cellphones. I am sure it would be easy for them to call for help. Plus, if you introduce the best pest control to your child, there is a great chance that he will be carrying this name until he reaches adulthood.

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