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How To Find Bed Bugs In Your Car


One of the most silent and most detrimental pests to humans is the bed bug. This is located literally everywhere yet they are nowhere to be seen. How come? There is a reason why bed bugs are called the hitchhikers in the night. From the name itself, bed bugs are known to prey on humans and animals when they are asleep. They hide underneath the bed sheets, the pillowcases, blankets, sofa beds, carpets, even the curtains. They can also hide inside suitcases, spring boxes, and other appliances. You see, you can never know you have a bed bug infestation unless you do a thorough check-up.  Like the rats, they are considered as the human shadow. They hide in the morning and come out when everybody’s asleep.

However, there are instances when they get desperate for food in the morning. Bed bugs choose the right opportunity for them to engage their prey. It might be more difficult, considering the risk of being found, but to feed their starving bellies, it is a risk they are willing to take. Did you know that it takes 5 to 10 minutes for a bed bug to get satisfied with blood? Once they are done feeding, they hide to mate and reproduce for 5 to 10 days.

Although bed bugs do not bring any diseases to the family unlike the ants and the cockroaches, their bite can cause skin rashes and allergic symptoms especially among children who have a weaker immune system. A bite from a bed bug might cause itch, even a fever. You would not want that to happen to your children. But beware! It does not mean that you have no bite marks that you have not been bitten. The results of a bed bug bite vary from one person to another. To some people, the symptoms of a bite can come out after how many days after the bite. If you let the infestation of bed bugs reign inside your house, your family members might get anemic. And their skin irritation might lead to a full-on inflammation.

Furthermore, the infestation of bed bugs had been studied to cause stress, anxiety, and insomnia. When this gets worse, it might lead to psychopathology that characterizes a person to be paranoid and delusional in his obsession with bed bugs. Which is the reason why you need to eliminate bed bugs immediately?

To do this, you need to get acquainted of their habits. They love to dwell on people’s clothes and luggage, wherever they might feel secure. They might even exist inside your car. In this case, they take the opportunity to suck your blood as you drive or as you listen to music and relax on the backseat. You will never notice. The reason why we never feel a bed bug bite is their saliva. Like the mosquitoes, the saliva of a bed bug serves as a natural anesthetic. You can never feel it until it is done. The worst part is, the bite mark of a bed bug is almost identical to that of the mosquito. So, this leaves them the unrecognized suspects of the crime.

Detecting Bed Bugs In Cars

 What if there are already bed bugs inside your car and they are just too cunning to hide? Are you willing to acquire skin irritations and anemia in the end? To detect any bed bug activity in your car, consider the following tips:

1. Remove the coverings of your car seat if possible.

2. Remove any mattings on the base of your car.

3. Remove any clutter of clothes and other things in your car.

4. Open the compartments and remove everything there is.

5. Do a full-car inspection. From the car seats to the nooks and crannies inside your car. Use a flashlight or a magnifying glass to assist you in looking for small insects on the seats of your car. You can also look for exoskeletons inside your car. This is an indication that there is indeed a bed bug infestation inside your car.

DIY Tips Against Bed Bugs

To get rid of bed bugs inside your car, you can use these simple tips:

1. Use Baking Soda

2. Moth Balls

3. Wash the sheets in your car

4. Vacuum your car regularly

5. Replace the sheets occasionally

6. Inspect your car on a regular basis

7. Use talc to repel bed bugs

8. Rubbing Alcohol works too.

9. Tea tree oil

10. Neem oil

11. Spray Peppermint on your car. Though the scent is tasteful to us humans, it is an irritant to these pests.

12. Have your car washed regularly with detergent soap.

The Best Pest Control Service

If you do not have the luxury of time to do these things, you might as well call for the best pest control service in Mooresville, NC. However, considering the number of pest control services out there, it is nearly impossible to assess which one is the best – or so I thought too.

See, when we were living in Mooresville, we had the same problem. Except we not only had bed bugs, but also cockroaches, mice, and ants as well. When I traveled there during the 1990s, I managed to spot the least managed apartment. I don’t know what happened to me during those years, but I seemed to be pretty unlucky. The landlady said that the last person who has stayed there was very irresponsible and he lacked a sense of hygiene. That explained a lot.

I could not afford the other apartments. When I found the place, they warned me about the pest infestation but I did not know it was that severe. I could not remember the first night I slept safe and sound at that place. Maybe because I always felt so itchy at night. Plus, I always heard the endless gnawing of mice and cockroaches, it really made me mad. There were times that I wanted to go over to a friend’s house. But I did not want to impose and I did not want to be a nuisance. So, I had to improvise. The next Saturday morning, I took the chance out of work to check everything and cover every entryway so no pests can no longer enter. But it seemed like the infestation was irreversible through DIY means.

So, I asked some people around what pest control service they recommend me to call. So far, in all ten neighbors, I asked, they only spoke of one pest control service because it was the only pest control service in North Carolina that gave a competent service. Of course, at first, I was a skeptic. What if I will only be wasting my money and effort over a common and typical service–something that I can do on my own? I looked far and wide to search for more information about this company. And so far, everything I heard was positive news. So, I thought I had to give it a try.

To my surprise, they gave me a service that outlived my standards and my expectations. They really treated the house with care and enthusiasm. It was my first time to see a pest exterminator work so hard to get rid of pests all around the house.

So, if you are in Mooresville having the same bed bug problems such as I did, contact Lake Norman Home Services. This pest control company has been providing competent and excellent service for more than 50 years. Their staff consists of highly-trained individuals who give their full efforts to provide a safe environment to all of their clients.

Lake Norman Home Services has been founded by Sam and Fran Newman in the 1900s. So far, they have given their customers a roll for their money. This I guarantee you. Your time and money will not be wasted in the company. They will indeed make sure that you have the safe and pest-free environment you have always deserved. The best part is, they pride themselves in using proven and tested methods of pest control. So, you no longer have to worry about any form of trouble regarding their use of insecticides.

At Lake Norman Home Services, they provide a basic service plan that covers the exterior and interior of your home. From your attics to your bedrooms, kitchen, to your basement, even your porch, Lake Norman Home Services will take care of everything for you. They provide all the necessary methods and treatments without additional price. Who said you cannot have a pest-free home with all your budget constraints? At Lake Norman Home Services, they understand the feeling of anxiety and paranoia of having a pest infestation. Just like you, they have their own families and homes to protect too. So, they provide their 100% efforts to see you and your family safe as much as they want that for their families. What are you waiting for? Call now!