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Effective Ways To Eliminate Flying Cockroaches Inside Your House


Can roaches fly? This is one of the most common questions people ask when it roaches are the topic because they can see that some cockroaches do fly inside their house. Well, it is indeed creepy to see a flying cockroach than the one that only crawls because there is a possibility that it can fly to you in a jiffy.

Some species of cockroaches have wings but not all can fly. Even though they have wings, others can’t fly well. If you see flying cockroaches at home, the one you have must be an American cockroach that flies to transfer from an elevated place to a lower area. Even though some of them can fly, they can only travel a short distance.

On the other hand, having flying cockroaches at home is a big discomfort and annoyance because the pest can reach you anytime. Having them around can cause your fears and anxieties that’s why you have to eliminate them. One way to successfully get rid of them is by calling a professional pest control company in Huntersville to help you.

But, if you still don’t have extra money to spend on professional help, there are other ways on how you can eliminate flying cockroaches inside your home without spending too much.

Here are effective means of dealing with those scary and annoying flying roaches in your place. Check these out!

Cleanliness Is A Must

Flying cockroaches are also filthy pests like the crawling roaches you see at home. They are attracted to a house that is dirty because they can easily find their needs – food and moisture. If you don’t keep your place clean, expect to see flying roaches around and even other pests that are interested in your food sources. The pest is tempted to invade your house when it smells foods that are not properly stored. Make sure to keep your kitchen clean as always to stop the pest from coming. Also, if the pest can always find where you hide your foods, you have to change your storage and you can choose airtight containers to keep your food. Another is, if you always have leftover food, you can store it inside the refrigerator because the pest hates cold temperature. But, if flying roaches are still not stopped, let a pest exterminator in Huntersville handle them.

Spraying Pesticides

You may have asked someone can roaches fly because you have seen one in your house most especially inside your room. Well, to scare you more, some roaches can fly because they have wings but they can’t fly far like birds. If you keep on seeing them in your room, you can use pesticides to get rid of them. According to a cockroach exterminator in Huntersville, pesticides can help in eliminating the flying roaches because they cannot resist it. To eliminate the pest inside your room, spray the pesticide inside, close the door and windows, and don’t come inside for thirty minutes. After the given time frame, ventilate your room to release the smell of pesticide and look for the dead cockroach and get rid of it.

Removing Things With Cellulose

One of the reasons why flying cockroaches come to your place is because they found things with cellulose. Newspapers, cardboard, and paper bags are some of the items that are cellulose-based and if you have it at home, you are automatically attracting the pest. As we all know, cockroaches are not only after your meals but they can eat almost everything like hair, soap, paper, glue, and more. Once they found cellulose-based things, they will fly instantly inside your house and infest because it is food for them. So, remove things with cellulose as quickly as possible when you see few flying cockroaches to prevent the number of pests from increasing. Also, a pest exterminator in Huntersville agrees in removing items with cellulose because it can attract termites as well which are known to cause severe damages to properties.

Prepare Water Beside You

Cockroaches need water to survive but for flying cockroaches, it can be a hindrance for them and that’s why you need it. One of the reasons why the pest fly is because it is disturbed and if you don’t want to see them continue flying, moisture is what you need. Water can be your weapon when you see flying roaches in your house because it will prevent them from flying. Spraying or directly pouring water over the pest will stop it from flying because its wings will not function if you soaked it in water. When the pest is still and cannot fly, it is the best time for you to get rid of them. But, if you are scared to hit the pest with water because you think it will fly to you, hire a pest expert in Huntersville to do the dirty work. 

Lessen Wood In Your House

Well, it is surprising to know that flying cockroaches are also into woods. If you have woods inside and outside of your house, you have to make a move by lessening it to prevent the pest from coming. Mostly, you will find flying cockroaches outside because they tend to live on wood even the ones that are piled and decaying. Woods for them is a place to stay and if you have it, they will make a habitat on it and eventually will infest inside your house when they are about to mate and reproduce. The more wood you have, the more chances of having the pest around so get rid of the piles of wood in your place. You also have to be careful in putting wood inside or outside your house because it can also bring termites which are more destructive. When flying roaches are still around, calling a pest exterminator in Huntersville to do the pest elimination is the best idea. 

Seal Entry Points

Flying cockroaches normally come from the outside and they only come inside the house when they have the chance. Providing entry points for the pest is a problem because you are giving them the freedom to enter your house whenever they want. If you want to stop flying roaches from entering, all you have to do is seal the entry points. Cracks, gaps, and holes are some of the places that the pest can enter and if it is not sealed tightly, there is a chance that they can come in and out of your house whenever they want. So, better seal these entry points and always close your windows and doors to stop the pest from coming. Doing this, you are also preventing others from pests like termites, ants, and rodents from infesting your home. But, even if you have sealed entry points and the pest is still around, what you need is the professional help of a pest exterminator in Huntersville.

Call A Professional

When all things fail and you don’t know what to do anymore with flying roaches, you need to call a professional to help you. A professional knows what to do with flying roaches and he has the best solution for the pest. Calling a professional can be money and time saving because of the time that you must be spending on controlling the pest, you can use it on other important matters. Also, you only have to pay for the services and he will take charge of everything. Just like me, when I keep on seeing flying roaches in my house, I call a pest control service for brown roaches in my kitchen.

These are the effective ways to eliminate flying roaches inside your house which will help you get rid of the problem. The more you practice these, the better results you will get and might as well have a pest-free home in the future.

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