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How To Protect Your Home From Dangerous Mosquitoes


The dangers of mosquitoes should not be ignored because the small flying insect can cause millions of death around the world. Mosquitoes are recognized as the most dangerous animal in the world and they have outrun animals with fangs and teeth like tigers, sharks, lions, and snakes. By just biting their host, they can quickly transmit diseases that have been affecting children and men and women of all ages.

Mosquitoes are pests for everyone because they don’t only give illnesses, they cause infestation as well. If the pest continues to pester your home, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible to avoid problems and a pest control company in Huntersville can help you ease your worries. A professional is the best resort when pests keep on infesting your home because of the quality of expertise they perform but some are not availing professional expertise due to the cost.

On the brighter side, if you don’t have enough money yet to afford a mosquito exterminator, you don’t have to worry because there are ways on how you can pest-proof your home on your ability. The need for protecting your home from the mosquito is huge because it can help in lessening the presence of the pest at the same time, it will stop the pest from spreading dangerous diseases.

When mosquitoes keep on appearing or biting you, pest-proof your home by following these:

Inspect The Place First

You cannot say that your house is infested by mosquitoes if you don’t perform any inspection. Examining your own home will help you know whether mosquitoes are indeed infesting or if another culprit is to be blamed. Doing this will help you get to know your enemy first before you make some attacks to get rid of them. Inspection keeps you updated on the situation of your house and will help you make a better plan to eliminate them. However, if you don’t know where to begin in inspecting your home, no need to worry since a professional pest exterminator in Huntersville can assess on your behalf and detailed results will be provided. 

Remove Water Sources

Mosquitoes are very fond of water because it is the place where they can breed and multiply. If water keeps leaking in your house or if your garden is always moist, expect to see flying mosquitoes around and looking for a place to stay. According to a pest exterminator in Huntersville, you can protect your home from mosquitoes if you eliminate one of their needs and that’s water. Even the littlest amount of water in a bottle cap is a breeding ground for the pest so all you have to do is deprive them of water to prevent larvae from developing. If your yard has dirty water, replace it with fresh water to prevent the pest from breeding and laying.

Repel With Plants

You can stop mosquitoes from entering your home by using plants. Yes, some plants are good at deterring the pest which can help you achieve a pest-free home. Marigold is one of the most effective plants you can use if you want to repel mosquitoes. The scent of the plant is not pleasant to the pest that’s why if you place it in your garden, the pest will not dare to get near your house. Other plants you can have at home are lavender, citronella, basil, lemongrass, catnip, lemon balm, and rosemary. The scents of these plants will surely drive the dangerous mosquitoes away. But, if the plants can’t stop the pest from infesting, you need to hire a pest exterminator in Huntersville to eliminate the pest once and for all.

Clean, Clean, Clean

One of the best ways to protect your home from dangerous mosquitoes is by cleaning. The importance of keeping your house clean is a must because it can help in lessening the presence of the pest and might as well prevent infestations from occurring. You need to remove everything that can be a hot spot for the pest to keep them away for good. The more you clean your home, the better you will be able to eliminate the pest and keep them out. You don’t only remove mosquitoes, but you can prevent other pests from entering your home. According to a pest exterminator in Huntersville, aside from mosquitoes, other pests like cockroaches, rodents, and ants will invade your home to forage for food. But if you clean your house, there will no be the reason for pests to come since you have removed what could be attractive for them.

Spray The Pest

There are times that mosquitoes are unstoppable once they infest and you don’t want them to cause more problems, especially to your health. One way to protect your home from dangerous mosquitoes is by spraying them. There are many mosquito control sprays and other products which you can buy in stores which are suitable for the pest. Also, there are sprays that you can do in your house which is non-toxic. You can use essential oils as a spray in driving out mosquitoes. The fresh fragrance of essential oils which is good for your nose is what the pest hates. However, when using sprays, make sure to use it with caution because it can be harmful to your family and pets. If you don’t want to impose danger on your loved ones, let a pest exterminator in Huntersville do the treatments and you are guaranteed to be safe at all times.

Protect Yourself

One of the reasons why mosquitoes come inside your home is because they need you. Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite and for them to develop and lay eggs, they need protein and can get it from your blood. If you don’t protect yourself first, how can you protect your house as well, right? So, to keep mosquitoes out of your house, you need to do preventive measures as well. Avoid wearing dark clothes as these can attract mosquitoes. Practice wearing light-colored clothing especially if it is the season of the pest. Also, wear long sleeves, pants, and socks to protect yourself from their bites. Infected mosquitoes can transmit fatal diseases to you if you are not careful. So, make sure to protect yourself as it can be the first step in proofing your home from mosquitoes. Or better yet, hire a pest exterminator in Huntersville to help you eliminate the pest found in your home.

Screen Doors And Windows

Mosquitoes are small and they can enter your doors and windows easily. But, if you put screens on doors and windows, you can stop the pest from making a way to enter your household. Putting barriers will secure your home from the dangerous pest and it will help in keeping out the pest which can bring you diseases. Also, if your doors and windows have screens but some are broken, you need to fix it if you want to be safe from the pest. You should check other entry points as it can be an entrance for other pests. However, even if you have installed screens on your windows and doors, the pest will still try to penetrate especially if they are in great numbers. To prevent this from happening, you need to hire a pest exterminator in Huntersville to stop them from infesting.

Here you go! These are the ways on how you can protect your home from dangerous mosquitoes. We know the harm that the pest brings and if you don’t do preventive measures, the pest might transmit diseases to you and your family. But, if you want the insect to leave your home and never come back, the help of an awesome pest exterminator near me is what you need and that’s none other than Lake Norman Home Services.

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