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How To Control Ticks On Your Dogs Effectively


Dogs are great companions because they will be with you during your darkest hours to make you smile and continuously make you happier. They are like a ray of sunshine in your home and that’s why almost everyone treats them like family. Dogs are gentle, kind, sweet, and fluffy which will always make your day. They will welcome you after a busy day at work and will always be on your side to give you company. However, they also have times when they feel weak and they don’t act normally and ticks may be the suspect.

Ticks are fond of dogs and they are considered as pests. The pest will cling into your pet, feed on it, and cause itchiness which makes your furry friend uncomfortable. Ticks are hard to eliminate because you have to be careful when removing them from your dogs. To be sure that you have gotten out the pest, a local pest control services in my area can help.

Your dogs are precious and if you let ticks disturb them, they will end up sick and weak which can lead to complications. When you see a few of the pests on your pet, make sure to get rid of them. But the question is, do you know how to control ticks?

The answer to your question is here! We will help you control ticks on your dogs effectively to keep them healthy, happy, and lively at all times.

Check these out!

Prevent Visiting Infested Areas

Sometimes, your dogs can get ticks from infested areas and if you regularly bring them on those tick-infested places, your pet will have ticks when it gets back home. Ticks are usually found in forests or places with thick and high shrubs. If your dogs love visiting parks where ticks are present, you have to limit them from going because there is a chance that they can get not only ticks but fleas as well. To control the pest on your dogs, stop bringing them outside first because the problem may worsen anytime. Ticks have their ways of detecting dogs near them and if they found your pet, expect an infestation to occur. Once you see a few ticks on your pet, immediately call a professional to help you eliminate the pest before something severe happens to your dog.

Change The Dog’s Diet

A dog’s diet can help in controlling ticks effectively and if you add something different which the pest hates, you will have good results in the end. One way to control the pest through diet is by adding garlic on your dog’s food. Garlic is known to repel ticks once your dog ingests it because the pest hates its pungent smell. But, you have to be careful in using garlic for your dog’s diet because too much of it can lead to your pet’s health problems as the ingredient can cause anemia and their red blood cells are damaged. Also, apple cider vinegar is good for your dog’s diet because it will make your dog’s blood more acidic which fleas and ticks hate the most. You can mix apple cider vinegar on your pet’s water or food but make sure to put the right amount like two tablespoons. Through your dog’s diet, you are helping in controlling the pest effectively without putting your furry friend in danger. 

Use Natural Remedies

Controlling ticks on dogs will never happen overnight because it can be a long battle for you and your dog. If you want to get rid of the pest for good, you need to resort to natural preventions that are effective. One natural remedy you can use is diatomaceous earth. DE is a powder made from fossilized diatoms that every pest exterminator recommends due to its great effects on pests like ticks. Applying diatomaceous earth on ticks will help in killing them because it will ruin the exoskeleton of the pest and dries its body which will eventually lead to is death. Make sure to use the food-grade DE which is non-toxic to humans and pets. Aside from DE, you can use citrus fruits as a repellent. Lemons and oranges are some of the citrus fruits you can try and you only need extract. You have to rub the juice on your dog’s skin and ticks will not dare to come near them. However, you need to be cautious if you use the oil from the citrus fruits because it can damage your pet’s liver and even cats are not safe from it.

Apply Tick Sprays

There are tick sprays you can use to control the pest. Some sprays can be bought from stores while the others, you can create one on your own using natural ingredients. One spray to use is cedar oil. It is safe to use as a spray as it is known to be an insect repellent and can control ticks effectively. You can apply the spray on your pets and even to you as it is no-toxic which is good. Cedar oil spray will not only drive away ticks but it can also get rid of other pests. What’s good about this spray is that, it can repel pests at the same time kill them successfully. You can find cedar oil in stores or on pet stores. If you want to find the best tick spray to use for your dog’s enemy, visit the nearest pet stores as they have it or better seek help from a veterinarian. But, if you want to stop ticks from infesting your dogs as quickly as possible, let a pest expert in Statesville do the job and you’ll get the result you wanted.

Put On Tick Preventives

There are tick preventives you can find which will help in controlling the pest that keeps on bothering your dogs. Tick powder is one of the preventives you can put on your do which will avoid your pets from getting ticks. You can smear it all over your dog’s body and you will see ticks beginning to get out of the fur. Another one to use is tick shampoo which you need to use when your dogs are infested by the pest. Tick shampoos are medicated which can effectively eliminate the pest that keeps on hiding and clinging on your furry friend. Shampoos can be economical but you have to use often it until everything is gone. Aside from shampoo and powder, you can let your dog wear a tick collar which repels the pest effectively. It will prevent ticks from infesting the head and neck area of your dog which is hard to reach. Make sure that when letting your pet wear the tick collar, it should be adjusted properly to avoid discomfort. 

Buy Over The Counter Medications

If you want to be sure that ticks will never come near your dogs, you need to buy over the counter medications. Professionals recommend these medications as it effectively keeps pests at bay for almost a month. It can be bought from pet stores, markets, and veterinarians. Medications will be applied to areas that are hard to reach for dogs like should blades. When you apply it to your dog, it will do its work by killing ticks and stopping future problems from happening.

Here you go! These are the ways on how you can control ticks on dogs effectively. If you want your furry friends to be healthy and jolly at all times, make sure to do these tips on them to get rid of the pest.  Of course, for the complete elimination of ticks, a tick control company in Statesville like Lake Norman Home Services is the best choice.

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