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Different Methods Of Pest Control In Your Probably Didn't Know


Fighting off pests is a serious and meticulous battle because you have to get rid of everything to say that your home is indeed pest-free. We know the struggle of having pests around like termites, mosquitoes, rodents, ants, fleas, bed bugs, and more because they are pesky, damaging, and disease carriers. When pests begin to infest, you need to do pest control immediately to stop it from worsening.

When pests keep on disturbing your home, getting help with the best exterminating services in the area is a must because it can help in eliminating your problem. Everyone knows what a professional does when it begins controlling pest but not all are aware of the different methods they use. Professionals don’t settle on one pest control technique but they have a lot of ways to do their work.

If you are curious about what methods your pest exterminator use in controlling the pests around your house, we got you! We know the different methods of pest control which you probably don’t know. Here are the common techniques professional pest control companies used to give you a pest-free home successfully.

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Organic Pest Control

If you want to get rid of pests without causing harm and damages to your properties, families, and pets, organic pest control is the one you like. Using natural methods is one of the most preferred techniques because it limits damages from happening. Organic pest control will eliminate tiny insects and animals which keep on pestering your home. If you don’t know what organic methods you can use for pest control, you can use traps, baits, and sprays. Adding poison on baits is good as it can get rid of the pest immediately. When you choose organic pest control, you are also lessening the danger for plants you have at home. If you want successful organic pest control in your home, you can hire a pest exterminator to do it for you. 

Chemical Pest Control

When you see pests around your home, the first thing you will grab is a chemical spray which will help in killing the pest gradually. Another method you will see from a professional pest exterminator is chemical pest control. Several pesticides are being used at homes and business establishments as it is easy to get and quicker to apply. However, chemicals used for pest control impose dangers as it can affect food, health, water, and the environment. Pesticides are among the chemicals used for pests and it has great effects in resolving pest issues. But, as time passes by, pests become resistant to pesticides especially those with a long lifespan. Even though chemicals bring harm, it is still one of the most relied solutions for pests because they can be bought in stores and varieties are present. It can be in liquid, solid, or gas form so the application should not be difficult. But, to ensure safety while using chemical pest control, you need to read instructions and protect yourself to avoid inhaling the chemical which can be fatal to your health.

Biological Pest Control

Aside from organic and chemical pest control methods, another technique that a pest exterminator can use in controlling pests is biological pest control. The method is different from others because hierarchy in nature is used to get rid of the pest. According to professionals, not all bugs and insects are bad for your home because some are helping in eliminating pests. If aphids keep on pestering your garden, you can introduce a predator that will kill the pests in your place. With biological pest control, you are also eliminating your pest problems naturally. The method has been known even in the past because ancient people are using biological methods to control the pest populations. Gardeners are using this to keep pests out of their crops and plants. Doing this method may not be as easy as other techniques so you can let a professional do it for you.

Hygiene Pest Control

If you are hygienic in your home, for sure, no pests will come to your place and infest. Being clean can help in keeping your home pest-free because pests usually love filthy places. Hygiene pest control is an easy way to get rid of pesky pests around your house because you are depriving them of enjoying your home. The hygiene pest control is easy to do and you can do it without professional help. You can control the pests around your house by not forgetting to clean your tables and countertops after every meal to remove food residues and crumbs which can be food for pests like cockroaches, ants, and rodents. You also have to wash dishes to prevent pests from rummaging it. Make sure that trash bins are sealed tightly as garbage can attract pests such as flies. If you want to keep your food safe, store it on airtight containers which is hard to penetrate to avoid food contamination. Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floor to remove food crumbs which pests need to survive. Also, fix water leaks as moisture is another reason why pests visit as they need it for them to live longer. Check your drains, pipes, tanks, and more for damages and seal it tightly to avoid leaking. These are some of the hygiene pest control you can do for your home to keep it free from infestations. Practicing this method will indeed give you a home that is more conducive for living with your family and pets.

Physical Pest Control

If you want to remove pests physically to ensure that you have eliminated everything, you can use the physical pest control. A pest exterminator says that this method makes use of traps and baits which will kill the pest. You are lessening the breeding ground for pests too. One way to physically control the pest is by targeting the places where they breed. You have to check breeding places like cracks which are hiding places for them as well. Don’t forget to assess moist areas as it can be a place for mosquitoes to breed and lay eggs. Clean possible breeding grounds to avoid pests from increasing their population and infestations. Aside from eliminating breeding places, you can use traps and baits which are effective in getting rid of the pest. Also, if you see infested plants in your place, you can pull it off and throw it far from your home to avoid the pest from coming back. By physically controlling pests, you will know the pest which keeps on infesting your home and be able to think of better ways in exterminating them.

These are the different methods of pest control you probably didn’t know. It will still depend on the expert you hired which pest control is better for your home as it is more expert in dealing with your problem. But, if you want a pest exterminator in NC to do the work for you, Lake Norman Home Services is the best choice!

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