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Natural Tick Remedies You Can Do For Your Home


One of the blood-sucking pests you can encounter in your property is a tick.  Yes, ticks are not only problems for pets but it can be an issue for you and your family as well. The pest is one of the reasons why you, your loved ones and pets can get sick since it carries diseases that can be fatal if not treated immediately. 

Pests like ticks should be eliminated as quickly as possible because they can spread Lyme disease and other viruses all at the same time. If you love trekking or visiting places where grasses or forests are found, you need to be careful because the pest may cling to you without your idea.

When ticks or pests keep on bothering you, a pest control company in Denver is ready to rescue you from infestations. A professional is helpful in dealing with pesky vermin since some pests are hard to eliminate. However, not everyone is fine with hiring a pest control company because they are tight on budget or sometimes too busy to call.

But, you don’t have to worry now because if you can’t afford to hire a professional, there are natural remedies for ticks that you can apply.

Here are the tick remedies which can naturally get rid of the pest for good.

Repel Ticks With Lemon

If you have lemons at home, you can take advantage of it when ticks are around. Ticks are never friends with lemon especially its juice. The pest doesn’t like juice so using it as a natural repellent is effective. You can use the juice as a spray for ticks. Apply it when ticks are around or on areas where you suspect that the pest is present. Aside from spraying it, you can use lemon juice as a rub for your pets. If your dogs are having severe tick infestations, you need to treat them quickly to avoid health risks. Rub the juice on your pet’s fur and ticks will quickly get out and crawl away

However, you need to be careful in using lemon juice on your pets because the extract contains limonene which is dangerous. When limonene is ingested by your pets, it can cause skin irritation and can lead to damages to the liver. Limonene is also found in household cleaners and insect repellents. If you have used lemon as a remedy for ticks but the pest is still around, a tick exterminator in Denver is what you need.

Use A Lint Roller

Of course, it will not be easy to spot ticks in your home or when you are outside, so you need to have a lint roller with you. The roller will help in picking the ticks from your home especially on your clothing. The lint roller has a sticky surface that will easily get ticks on your upholstery, mattress, carpets, clothing and more. You can also use the roller on your skin especially when ticks are clinging.

If you let an infected tick bite on your skin, you may acquire diseases that can be dangerous to your health. So, wherever you go out or even staying at home, always have beside you a lint roller which you can use when ticks are around or when the season for the pest comes. But, even if you have removed the pest you have at home using the roller but nothing happens, a pest exterminator in Denver is the best resort.

Essential Oils For Ticks

There are essential oils which you can use for ticks and you will be surprised how great those works. We know that essential oils are used for relaxation and to make homes fresh and pleasant. But, over time, its purpose begins to grow and now it is being used to control pests like ticks. The essential oils you have can be a weapon to fight off ticks in your home. You can use eucalyptus oil which is known to be effective in killing ticks. You can use it as spray and can be applied to the skin, clothing, shoes, and more. You can use it as well on your dogs since it safe but make sure that it is diluted before applying to your pets. Cedar oil is another essential oil you can use for ticks. This essential oil is good since it is non-toxic which means you can apply it directly on your skin or clothes where ticks are present.

Cedar oil can repel and kill ticks which keep on pestering your home. A pest expert in Denver agrees on using cedar oil as a tick repellent. Neem oil is also an essential oil that you can use for ticks. It is a natural remedy that you can apply when ticks are present in your home. The essential oil is safe as long as it is diluted in water before applying on dogs but it can be directly applied on skin by rubbing. If you want to remove ticks on your home, apply the neem oil on the pest straight and it will remove itself.

Clean The House

One of the most common natural remedies you can do to get rid of ticks in your home is by cleaning. People may think that cleaning can kill the pest, it may happen but it doesn’t end that way. Cleaning can lessen the presence of pests like ticks as you are removing the things that attract the pest. If ticks are present in your clothing, you need to lauder it using hot water for the pest to be gone.

Keep your area organized to prevent ticks from finding a place to hide. By simply cleaning your house, you can get rid of ticks and other pests that keep on infesting your home. However, you still need the help of a pest exterminator in Denver when the infestation is severe already.

Scatter Diatomaceous Earth

If ticks are resistant to the essential oils or lemon juice you used, then maybe you need diatomaceous earth. DE is one of the most recommended remedies for ticks by a pest exterminator in Denver because of its great effects in pest control. Diatomaceous earth is good at killing ticks because it can indeed get rid of the pests. Scatter a good amount of DE on areas where ticks are present or directly on the pest to exterminate them.

Diatomaceous earth will ruin the exoskeleton of ticks and will dry the pest which will lead to its death eventually. By doing this regularly, you can stop the pest from infesting more as they will die before they can cause problems. Make sure that you clean your house after three days by vacuuming to suck dead ticks and powders. If you are planning to use DE for ticks, purchase the food-grade one as it is safe for humans and pets.

Check Your Pets

Ticks are after your pets as they feed on them to survive. If you have dogs or cats at home, make sure you check your furry friends regularly if you suspect that ticks are present. Your pets can help in spreading the pest around your house especially if you allow your paw friends to use comfortably your upholstery, furniture, and more. Also, you need to inspect the body of your pets.

If you see red bumps, it can be a sign that ticks are in their furs. To remove the pest from your pets, use tweezers as it can effectively get rid of the pest without breaking the body. Immediately disinfect the bitten areas to keep it safe from infections. If your dogs or cats are free from ticks, your home will also be out of the pest’s target.

Here you go! These are the natural remedies you can use for your home when ticks keep on infesting. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take good care of your home from pests to keep it safe, healthy, and conducive for learning. To have a tick-free home completely, you need affordable pest control prices to do the job.

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