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How To Have A Pest-free Pantry This Holiday Season


The holiday seasons is one of the most awaited time of the year because it is the moments you share with your family, relatives, and loved ones whom you don’t see often. It is also the time you get to eat delicious and sumptuous over good conversations which makes holidays worth it. Most of the time, you spend your holidays in your pantry where everything happens – from cooking down to eating. It is also the place where you store your baking ingredients. But, did you know, some pests can ruin your pantry and holiday season?

Yes! Pests don’t have vacations because they can infest anytime even this coming holiday season. They will attack your pantry where food sources are available. Some of the common pests you will see are ants, cockroaches, rodents, and more. If you don’t keep your pantry pest-free, your holiday celebration will be full of inconveniences, fears, or worse, your relatives may choose not to go.

To have a pest-free pantry, you can let a professional help in getting rid of your problems. But, if you want to do the DIY Pest control on your own, you may do so. Here are the ways you can do to have a pest-free pantry this holiday season.

Proper Storage Of Food

Your pantry is heaven for pests because they can find lots of foods that they can bring back to their nests. If you don’t store your food properly, your holiday can be in great trouble. Spending your holiday with good food is the best because you’ve got to taste home-made meals which you don’t normally find in restaurants or stores. But, if your ingredients or food is infested by pest, it will be put to waste because eating contaminated food by filthy pests can lead to health problems. If you want your pantry to be free from ants, cockroaches, rodents, moths, and more this holiday season, practice proper food storage by using airtight containers. By keeping ingredients, food, and more in a tightly sealed container will prevent pests from infiltrating your food and will stop them from spreading diseases. If you are not yet satisfied by only storing food properly, you can let a pest exterminator in Davidson treat your pantry for good.

Always Maintain Cleanliness

We know that cleanliness can’t eliminate pests right away but we guarantee that it can lessen the presence of pests in your pantry. By cleaning, you are driving pests away from your pantry especially when the holiday season is about to kick in. Doing simple things like wiping and mopping floors will prevent any pest from entering as they can’t find any food reside which will help them survive. Also, you need to remove what attracts pests into your pantry. If you leave ingredients or food on tables or cabinets, better place it inside containers or inside the refrigerator to stop pests from reaching it. Keeping your pantry clean will not only keep pests away, but it can make the environment peaceful and in order when the holiday season comes. If you still need other cleaning tips for your pantry, you can seek help with getting rid of pests fast.

Eliminate Mess

Clutters found in your pantry can be a reason for pests to come and visit even it is the holiday season. If you want the most festive season to be free from any infestation, start decluttering! Removing the piles of mess in your pantry will help the area to be out of pests’ target because they can’t find what they need. Decluttering will also help in keeping you updated if pests are present or not. This will allow you to have an idea if an infestation is already taking place and if it does, you can immediately create a treatment plan for your pantry. From sugar down to flour, everything should be organized to keep any pest away. If you practice cluttering, no pest will have the interest to get into your pantry during the holiday. Remove the mess not only in your pantry but around your house to make it pest-free from any infesting pests. 

Check Pantry Regularly

Doing inspections regularly before the holiday season will help you determine whether pests are around or not. If you want a pest-free pantry when the holidays come, you need to check it as regularly as possible. You have to eye on the food inside your pantry because the decaying ones are the culprit in bringing pests like ants, rodents, cockroaches, and more. Separate fresh and spoiling food to stop any pest from contaminating foods in good condition. Check the shelf life of the foods and keep out the ones that are about to expire to prevent not only pests but also health issues. Always examine your pantry if you want a pest-free holiday this year. Keeping an eye on your pantry will lead you to a holiday that is away from any infestation or pest issues. 

Put Pest Repellents

There are natural pest repellents you can use in your pantry to keep pests away during the holidays. We know that pests are unstoppable when they infest and if they found out your pantry is full of food for the holidays, they will immediately crawl inside and find it. To avoid any pest from coming near your pantry, you can put repellents. One of which is bay leaves. This is mostly used in cooking as it makes food even more delicious and aromatic. But, if you put some of the bay leaves in your pantry, you are deterring several pests like moths, rodents, flies, and roaches which are common pantry pests you will encounter. The smell of bay leaves is what pests hate and when they sense it, they usually crawl away so put some of it in your pantry before, during, and after the holiday season to ensure that no pesky pests will infest. Bay leaves and other repellents are easy to purchase because you can find it in stores near you and can apply it within a minute. But, repellents are not enough if the infestation is already severe, hence this is the time you need to call a mosquito exterminator in Davidson to help your pantry achieve a pest-free environment.

Seal Possible Entrances

Pests can easily enter because of the open entrances they can find in your home and pantries. If you don’t sell your home, a big chance for pests to come uninvited is high. To keep your pantry safe from any pest, you have to seal entrances. Cracks, gaps, and holes found in your property are entry points for pests and no matter how small it is, they can enter it without problems. Rodents and cockroaches have flexible bodies and with this, they can come inside even on tiny crevices. The dark corners in your pantry can also be a place for pests to breed and increase their population so eliminate it right away. If you find tiny few holes in your pantry, seal it immediately to stop any pest from infesting your pantry especially when the holiday seasons jump in.

These are the ways on how you can have a pest-free pantry this holiday season. Never let pests ruin your holidays instead, make a way to keep them out while you are enjoying a festive time with your loved ones. But, if nothing works, a pest control company in Davidson is always ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

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