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Pests That Eat Your Clothes Which You Need To Eliminate Right Away


Buying clothes is an investment because you can use it on several occasions and of course, it makes you happy as it is a reward for yourself. Wearing what makes you comfortable is good because you are confident to strut it around and will never give you inconveniences. However, your clothes will never be free from damages if you have pest-eating clothes at home.

One of the most know pests that eat clothes is a moth. But, did you know, aside from it there are still other pests which love targeting and damaging your clothes? That’s true! Several pests are into clothing and if you don’t protect your closet from it, your clothing is the one to suffer. So, to avoid this problem, having the best exterminator in the area do the work on your behalf.

On the other hand, before jumping to pest control, you should have an idea of what pests will begin to infest your closet and clothing. Whether your clothes are expensive or not, you need to take care of it because it is one of your necessities in life.

Here are the pests that eat your clothes which you need to eliminate right away to have a pest-free closet in the end. Know them here:

Clothes Moths

The famous clothes-eating pest is the clothe moth. The pest is considered as damaging because it attacks and infests your clothes which have been sleeping in your closet. Even though there are moths which are beautiful in the eyes, clothe moths should not be seen as pretty because they are one of the reasons why your clothes are getting holes or damages. Moths will target clothes that are made of leather, wool, and silk. They will lay eggs on clothing and the larvae will soon begin its infestation. Also, if your clothing and fabrics have food stains, it can be a target for moths. Whether your clothes are inside or outside your closet, if moths found it, they will damage it. 


Another pest that will eat your clothes that you have to eliminate immediately is silverfish. This pest does now swim because of the fish in their name, but they crawl into your closet, find your clothes, and damage them. The insect has no wings and has a body shaped like a carrot. Silverfish are easy to identify because they can be seen quickly due to their silver color. Nymph and adult silverfishes are not only after your clothes, but they are also interested in the starches, insulation, fabrics, and carbohydrates. If your clothes or fabrics are made of cotton, linen, and rayon, silverfish will immediately come after it, feed on it, and leave damages. The pest is a problem because aside from the damages if you don’t control or exterminate them, it will lead to an infestation that can be harder to deal with. Silverfishes are not high maintenance pests because if they found a food source in your property, they will never leave and begin to reproduce to increase their population. You may never see silverfishes at the day because they are usually busy during the night. When the pest begins to eat your clothes, no holes may be visible but the surface looks like it is shaved. Before silverfishes found your closet, get rid of them as quickly as possible by letting a pest exterminator handle it.

Carpet Beetles

Aside from silverfishes and moths, another pest that is fond of eating your clothes is carpet beetles. It is known to be one of the reasons why clothing made of fur, wool, leather, and silk are getting damaged. Carpet beetles are picky when it comes to the food they feed on and they are not interested in artificial fibers. If you think adult carpet beetles are the problem, their larvae are the ones you need to be aware of because the latter is more damaging. The damage of carpet beetles can be found in one part of your clothing which is easy to identify. The pest is not only good in damaging your garments but they can also spread in your property quickly due to their great ability to transfer from one place to another. Eliminating carpet beetles on your own is difficult because they are hardy and uncontrollable once they started their infestation.


Surprisingly, termites are not only after the wooden structure, foundation, and furniture in your home because they are also fond of eating your clothes. Termites are one of the most destructive pests you can have at home because they can cause severe damages which are costly when you have it repaired. The pest is a silent destroyer and seeing a few of them, you need the help of professionals to get rid of them before it’s too late. Once termites found your clothes, they will begin to eat through it and fabrics are also a target for them. If you don’t properly keep your clothing, the silent destroyer will easily find it and damage it. When you got termites at home, it will be hard to eliminate them so immediate control for pests at home should be done. 


One of the most common pests you can see in your household is cockroaches. The pest is known to be filthy as they eat everything and that includes the fibers of your clothes. Cockroaches are pests that carry diseases at the same time they attack your clothes. Having them at home, you can have phobias and start to have anxieties. But, when you see cockroaches, you have to check your clothes too because they can infest it also. They will make holes on your favorite clothes, and may even leave stains which can be hard to remove. Also, if you have droppings of cockroaches on your garments, it may trigger asthma and you can acquire viruses from the pest. Cockroaches can be eliminated using natural remedies or by pesticides. But if you are not sure what to use, let a pest expert in Concord do it and you will never regret it in the end.


Usually, you will hear crickets outside and can easily distinguish them due to a unique sound. However, when they get inside your home especially in your clothing, they can be as damaging as termites. Crickets will come after your clothes when it has food stains which can be food for them. They will leave tiny holes on your garments and even drops waste on it which can cause blemishes. If you want to keep indoor crickets out of your house and your closet, make sure to inspect your home thoroughly.

These are the pests that eat your clothes which you need to exterminate instantly because you may lose one of your basic needs and even your investment. Clothes are not only an item but it is a need for everyone because it keeps you warm during the cold night and cools you when the sun is scorching. Some are considering it as an investment because they buy branded ones that are worth a fortune. If you want to keep your garments in great condition, better eliminate pest eating clothes and a pest control company in Concord like Lake Norman Home Services can help have a pest-free home.

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