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Effective Pest Control Tips For Thanksgiving You Can Follow


Thanksgiving is near and you wouldn’t want to experience a problem when your family is around. This is the day that only happens once a year and is the time where you eat sumptuous meals together with your family and loved ones. Thanksgiving is also the time when you will be able to enjoy turkey, pies, and more which you will never forget. However, the celebration is not fully enjoyed due to pests.

Yes, pests are the number one enemy you will encounter when Thanksgiving comes. Cockroaches, rodents, ants, and more are your unwanted visitors which you need to drive away before they cause a ruckus. Pests are annoying and letting them invade your home while you are having fun with your loved ones will ruin the moment. Aside from that, there are also psychological effects of having pests at home.

A professional can help to keep your thanksgiving day free from any pest as he will eliminate all troublesome pests before the day comes. On the other hand, effective pest control will never work if only one party is doing its job. Relying on a professional alone will never let you experience a pest-free home so you have to do your part as well. As a homeowner, you need to do preventive measures to control the pests before or during Thanksgiving.

If you are curious about what you can do to keep your thanksgiving a pest-free one, here are effective pest control tips you can follow.

Start Blocking Entry Points

Pests can’t easily come inside your home if you don’t give them the opportunity. You may be wondering how they can come even your doors and windows are closed. Well, there are other entry points pests use to easily penetrate your house when thanksgiving is happening. The cracks, gaps, and holes in your place serving as entrances which they use to penetrate your home effortlessly. With this, they will celebrate thanksgiving with you if you don’t block the entry points. Apest control techs near me recommends that before thanksgiving comes, you need to block entrances to avoid the pest from entering beforehand. Pests will quickly crawl into your home when they found out you have delicious cooked meals so to avoid them from entering your home before, during, and after the celebration, seal the entry points and pests will never have the chance to ruin your feast.

Throw Your Piles Of Trash Away

Pests are looking for food sources that’s why they visit your home. One of the places they will target when they are in your house is the piles of trash you have. Yes, the trashes you keep in your house are food sources for pests that’s why they will come after it. Cockroaches, ants, rodents, and more will rummage on it for them to survive or for them or for them to bring food back to their nests. With this, your trash bins will always be in disorder and you wouldn’t want that to happen. To avoid pesky pests from ruining your thanksgiving day with your family, throw the piles of trash away before the day arrives. If you don’t have time to get rid of the trash, make sure to tightly cover the bins to keep pests away. By putting lids, it will stop any pest from invading your trash bins and no mess will happen. However, if pests are causing an infestation already, a pest exterminator in Davidson is the one you need. 

Maintain The Lawn

Another effective pest control tips you can follow for thanksgiving is by maintaining your lawn. Pests don’t only come inside your home and infest but they will also be causing ruckus even on your lawns. Make sure that even it is not Thanksgiving Day, you have to maintain your lawn to keep it healthy and free from pesky vermin. Mow the grass to avoid pests from breeding and hiding. The tall grasses can be a habitat for them as well. Make sure that piles of wood are elevated and far from your home to prevent any pests like termites from eating the wood and reaching your home. Also, if tree branches or shrubs are near your home, cut it down to stop pests from using branches as a bridge to enter your home. Maintaining your lawn is one big step to reaching a pest-free home especially when thanksgiving is happening. However, if professional help is a must, you need a pest exterminator in Davidson to do the work for you.

Store Food Properly

Another way to keep your Thanksgiving Day free from pests is by properly storing food. Pests are scavengers and they will forage for food which they will bring back to their colony or nest. You need to keep your food away from pests to stop them from contaminating it. Food contamination can be a serious problem for your health but you can avoid it if you store food properly. Of course, during thanksgiving, you and your family will share sumptuous meals which will make the celebration more worthy. There are times that you will have leftovers and if you want to keep it safe from pests, store foods in airtight containers or inside the refrigerator. Practicing to store foods properly will not only benefit you during Thanksgiving even on non-holidays as well. But, it is still best to call a pest exterminator in Davidson for help to get rid of pests completely.

Clean Your House

One of the effective tips you need to follow when pest control is the matter is to clean your house. Cleaning may not entirely kill the pest but it can deter them successfully. During Thanksgiving, it is normal to have food residues and crumbs on the tables and floors but those can be an attractant to pests. Rodents, cockroaches, ants, flies, and more will come over when they find food residues in your home. To avoid pests from celebrating Thanksgiving Day with you, clean your house! Wipe the floors, tables, and countertops to remove food crumbs. Even the tiniest crumb can still attract the pest. Also, don’t forget to mop the floor. There are times that food residues will be found on the floor or on your couch, carpet, and more especially if you have kids around. Clean the entire house before, during, and after the celebration to ensure no pest will come. Wash the dishes as well after meals to stop pests from attacking your dirty dishes during the Thanksgiving Day. However, if pests keep on coming even the celebration is over, an infestation may already be happening and a pest exterminator in Davidson is the one you need.

Thanksgiving Days are very important to everyone. It is not only the time you can eat turkey, pie, and mashed potato but is the day you can give thanks to everything you have received in life. Hence, never let pests ruin the great celebration. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take good care of your home not only during Thanksgiving but all the time so you need to do pest control as well. If you have done your part, and your exterminator also did his part, you will indeed have a pest-free home in the end.

But, if the pest control you do is not enough, a pest control company in Davidson is ready to give you a helping hand.

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