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Interesting Facts About Wasps That Will Surprise You


Wasps are one of the common flying insects you can experience and they can be similar to honeybees. However, the insect behaves differently as it can be aggressive and noisy which are the reasons why homeowners hate them. If some pests crawl and bite, wasps can fly and sting and they are never merciless once they are threatened. 

Wasps in NC are one of the pest problems that residents are complaining about because the pest is causing them too many inconveniences. The more wasps present, the problem becomes severe that’s why pest control experts should eliminate them since getting rid of them on your own can be dangerous.

But before you dive into controlling wasps, you need to know first some interesting facts about the pest. It is always believed that keeping your friends close and your enemies closer should be followed as it will help you know how you can get rid of the pest. By getting familiar with wasps, you can thoroughly plan the right treatment and extermination which can resolve your problem for good.

Let’s get to know interesting facts about wasps that will surprise you but will help you with better pest control.  

Wasps Are Different From Bees

Even though wasps and bees can look similar, both are different and you should never be confused. The lower abdomen of wasps are pointed and their waist is narrow which is unlike bees. The color of wasps doesn’t only settle on the yellow one but it can vary from bright red to metallic bite. The color of the wasp can also determine their type like the red ones are part of the stinging family of wasps. According to a pest exterminator in Statesville¸, another difference of wasps and bees you need to know is both have different ways of building their homes. Bees discharge a waxy substance that will help in creating their nests while wasps use wood fibers which they chew and turn into a pulp. If you see a flying insect that is like a bee but is bigger, that could be a wasp.   

Wasps Also Have a Queen

A beehive works unitedly because a queen leads it. Wasps have one queen who is the leader of their nests. The two flying insects can be similar it comes to social structures because the queen is responsible for laying eggs and it’s her job to increase their numbers. Female wasps are the ones responsible for their colony and they are called workers. They are the ones that protect the nest and they have stingers which will help in defending their nest against predators. Workers forage for food as well.

On the other hand, male wasps have one duty in the colony and that is to mate with the queen. They are typically called drones and after mating with the queen, they die. The young and fertile queen are the only ones that survive the winter season and once spring comes, the fertilized queen will begin her own nest. Because of the danger that wasps bring, exterminating is never made easy that’s why you need the experts to do the dirty work for you.  

Wasps Can Eat Anything

We know that honeybees are interested in nectar but wasps are different. The pest almost eats anything and they are not called scavengers for anything. Wasps will not only depend on the plant for food but they will also ingest animal meats to feed their hunger. The pest will look for meat like larvae which will be food for them. If you see a flying insect carrying or eating insect meat, that could be wasps and you need to eliminate them by hiring professionals. If you allow the pest to forage food on your property continuously, they will find a way to build a nest near you and will often visit until it gets irritating.  

Wasps Do Sting

If you think wasps don’t sting, get out of that thought because honestly, the pest does sting and it can be painful. Wasps don’t sting whenever they want, they only do this if they are threatened. Like social wasps, once it needs help from other wasps, it will release a pheromone to alarm the colony and that’s the time they will all become aggressive. The sting of wasps is painful but can be gone after a day. But, if you are allergic to their venom, there is a big chance that you will experience allergic reactions and that’s the time you need to consult a doctor for immediate treatment. If you want to keep your family and pets safe from wasp stings, you need to eliminate the problem first.  

Wasps Are Found Everywhere Except for One Place

Around the world, there could be more than 100,000 wasp species you can encounter and some of them can be pesky as they can cause infestations for your property. However, even though you can see wasps everywhere, there is one place that is not infested by the pest and that’s Antarctica. The continent is free from wasps because it doesn’t have settlers and the place doesn’t have the food that the pest needs. In Antarctica, it is hard to find honey, flowers, plants, and more which will help the pest to keep going. If they are on the cold continent, they will never have a chance to survive that’s why they are not found in this place. Also, we know that the temperature in the continent is too cold and it could be another reason why pests like wasps will never come. They may not survive the cold weather and even humans will find it hard to live in Antarctica. So, if you usually see wasps in your property, you need to eliminate them by calling a local company that can help you get rid of pests to do the extermination better.  

Wasps Help the Environment

Even though those wasps can be damaging to properties because they can build nests on your walls or foundations, they are helpful in the environment. Wasps help in getting rid of bad bugs like aphids which are known to infest gardens. If you love planting and are getting worried because too many pests are also infesting it, wasps can be a big help in eliminating them. Worker wasps can get rid of aphids and will pollinate. Because of their excellent work, they are a big help in the ecosystem. However, even if they can bring benefits to the environment, you still have to get rid of them when they cause an infestation because your family, property, and pets could be in danger.

These are the interesting facts you need to know about wasps which will help you get familiar you’re your enemy. Wasps are flying insects that can be useful to the ecosystem. But, if they are triggered, they can cause harm to you which can be a problem. If you want to live a wasp-free home, you need to eliminate them and a pest exterminator can help you fulfill your goal. 

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