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Mosquito Facts You Probably Didn't Know and How to Be Free From Them


One of the most dangerous pests you will encounter in your home is mosquitoes. The pest is known to be a treacherous animal because it has been causing millions of death around the world. It doesn’t have any fangs but can kill several people due to the diseases they bring which affect children and adults worldwide. Because of the danger, the pest gives, some are asking how long do mosquitoes live for them to do immediate pest control to avoid illnesses or deaths.

Mosquitoes are carriers of deadly diseases that are known to be fatal if not treated immediately. If the pest keeps on flying around and biting you, there is a chance that you can acquire a virus and might need to see a doctor if signs and symptoms show up.

On the other hand, aside from knowing that mosquitoes are dangerous, you also have to know other facts about it for you to be familiar with your enemy. Of course, once you know everything about mosquitoes, you will be able to plan the best control to be free from them.

Let’s get to know the mosquito facts you probably didn’t know!

Male Mosquitoes Never Bite

If you think that the bite that you got from the mosquito comes from the male ones, you got it wrong because the female ones are more aggressive in biting. Male mosquitoes don’t bite humans because they are more interested in nectars found in plants. Female mosquitoes are the ones that keep on biting you because according to a pest expert in Mooresville, the female ones need protein for their eggs to develop and for them to lay. The protein that a female mosquito needs is found in your blood that’s why they bite you. Normally, you won’t feel them biting you but will eventually notice that you already have mosquito bites. If you keep on seeing bites everywhere, female mosquitoes are the suspect and the pest is not picky on its host.

Mosquitoes Have A Short Lifespan

If you are ready to get rid of mosquitoes, then it is time to make a move. The longer a mosquito lives, the scarier it gets because it has more time to bite and transmit diseases. To answer your question, mosquitoes only have a short lifespan but still, you must not be complacent. Mosquitoes can live for a month or two and the female ones can give birth to several eggs before they die. Normally, male mosquitoes can only live for ten days while the females can last up to 56 days. Even though the older ones are bound to die, the young ones are already beginning to develop which will allow them to keep their numbers increase rapidly in no time and continue to infest. 

Mosquitoes Bite Using A Proboscis

If you think that mosquitoes bite using their teeth or fangs, set aside it because they are usually using proboscis which is pointed and long found in their mouths. The proboscis is the one that sucks the blood in you which you don’t usually notice when the pest does it. Don’t think that mosquitoes have teeth because they don’t and you have to be cautious around the pest because the infected ones can transmit the diseases using their proboscis. If you want you and your family to be safe from mosquitoes, better let a pest exterminator in Mooresville help you get rid of them once and for all.

Mosquitoes Can Find You

Are you surprised every time you see mosquitoes near you and don’t know where the pest came from? Well, that’s because the pest can find you! If you are fond of wearing dark clothes, there is a big chance you will attract the pest because colors like royal blue and black are magnets for the pest. Practice wearing light-colored clothes to stop the pest from infesting you. Not only that, mosquitoes can find you as well because of your breath. The pest can detect the carbon dioxide you release and that’s because of their antennae’s receptors. The CO2 you release can be the reason why the pest is always present wherever you go. The sweat as well can be a magnet for mosquitoes so better wipe your sweat after activities. If the pest is indeed unstoppable, you already need to seek help from a pest control company in Mooresville.

Mosquitoes Carry Several Diseases

If you think that mosquitoes only cause dengue fever, you got it wrong because the small body of the pest can give you several diseases and mostly are deadly. One is dengue fever which has been affecting several individuals including children worldwide. Malaria is another disease that the pest transmit and it is because of the parasite found inside the body of the pest. West Nile virus, encephalitis, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika fever are the other diseases that you can get from the pest. The transmission of the viruses is made when the pest bites using its proboscis. Acquiring a disease from mosquitoes is alarming because it can cost your life if you don’t go to a doctor and have it treated. To prevent spending money on hospital bills, exterminate the pest immediately by calling a mosquito exterminator in Mooresville to give you a hand. 

Mosquitoes Are Older Than You

Mosquitoes like other pests found today have been in the world for million years and they are older than you! The pest has been with the earth for more than 200 million years and that could be the time when of the Jurassic period. It has been proven that the pest is alive for millions of years because even in the works of Aristotle, mosquitoes were talked about and that’s 300 B.C. For several years, the pest has been causing health problems around the world and some of the diseases still don’t have proven cure or accurate treatment. Even though the pest is older than you, the need for extermination is a must because of the health damages it brings to everyone. 

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

There are simple ways on how you can get rid of mosquitoes and be free from danger. Here are the best tips to stop the pest from infesting.

  • Repel them – there are several mosquito repellents you can use to get rid of the pest. Some are found inside your home like coffee grounds, citronella oil, peppermint, garlic, tea tree oil, and more. The pungent smell of the repellents will keep the pest away. Also, there are mosquito repellent products you can apply on your skin to prevent getting mosquito bites.
  • Keep your house clean – maintaining the inside and outside of your house can help in eliminating the pest. You have to keep your backyard or garden clean because it can be a home for the pest. Also, remove water sources to prevent the pest from breeding. Make sure to fix water leaks, prevent giving the pest a warm environment, and declutter to deprive them of breeding grounds.
  • Seek professional help – when all things fail, a professional is the one you need. A professional knows how to exterminate the pest and has the best treatments which will kill not only the pest but its eggs as well to stop them from increasing. 

These are mosquito facts you probably didn’t know that you have to keep in mind for you to properly eliminate the pest. If you know your enemy, you will also know how you can be free from them forever!

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