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6 Natural Remedies You Can Use To Eliminate Ants Effectively


One of the oldest creature you will see until now are ants. The insect is older than you as they have been walking around the earth for more than 100 million years. There are several species of ants which is known today, and some of them are considered to be pests. Ants are small insects which you will normally see inside and outside of your house, especially when food is present. Worker ants will keep on foraging for food since they are responsible for taking care of the colony and providing food for everyone. When the insect infests, that’s the time they are considered as a pest because they give problems to homeowners and even cause damages to the property.

Eco-Friendly Ant Management Methods

One way to get rid of ants is by calling a local ant exterminator in Davidson, NC to help you. A professional is more knowledgeable in handling the pest and can give the best treatment plan for you. On the other hand, there are also natural remedies you can use for the ants. Borax for ants, for example, is a natural remedy you can apply to eliminate the pest in your house. To make your home ant-free naturally, know these natural remedies which are effective in dealing with ants around your house.


Vinegar is known to make your food taste delicious and savory. Over time, the use of vinegar in households today keeps on expanding because it can be used for cleaning. The ingredient can help in making your home sparkly clean without affecting your health. But, did you know you can also use it to eliminate ants in your home? Well, yes! The condiment you often use for food is also the solution you are looking for if you have ants at home.

The strong smell of vinegar drives away the pest, and the pheromones left by ants will also be removed to prevent the pest from reaching the food source. You can use the vinegar when wiping countertops or tables and can even spray it on areas where the pest is present. To make a spray, only combine an equal part of water and vinegar, and your natural remedy is ready! Remember, if this solution doesn’t work, seeking professional help from a pest expert is the best.


Borax is one of the natural remedies you can use for pests like ants, and some are using it to get rid of other pests as well. Borax for ants is one of the most effective remedies for their infestation because it can kill the pest effectively. You can use it as a bait for the pest by mixing borax and sugar. The sweet sugar will attract ants to come to the bait, and once ants ingest it, the borax will do its work – destroying the outer skeletons and digestive systems of ants, which will lead to their death.

However, using borax in controlling ants can be dangerous because it can be toxic to humans and pets. If you plan to get rid of ants using the bait, you have to place it on areas that cannot be reached because ingesting borax can be dangerous to your health. Be cautious in using this remedy for ants or better yet let a pest exterminator do the job for you.

Diatomaceous Earth

When it comes to dealing with ants, it may take a while to say that you have eliminated all of them. But, if you have diatomaceous earth with you, pesky pests like ants will be easier to get rid of. One of the most recommended natural remedies you can effectively use for ants is diatomaceous earth. DE is a powder made from fossilized algae that work effectively in repelling or killing ants.

The powder can be sprinkled on the place where ants are infesting, and once they made contact with it, their exoskeletons will be damaged, and the moisture in their bodies will be gone, which will kill them. DE eliminates ants by hydrating them which will get rid of them gradually. You can apply the powder every day until all the ants are gone. You have to use the food-grade one, which is non-toxic to humans and pets. What’s good with diatomaceous earth, it does not only eliminate ants but other pests as well!

Baby Powder & Chalk

If you keep on seeing ant trails around your house, it is because their pheromones are left behind, which allows other ants to reach food sources immediately. With the ant paths they have created, they can bring enough food to their colony. You can stop those ants from forming a line going to food sources by using baby powder and chalk in your house. If you want to stop ant trails, you have to remove the pheromones they have left, and your baby powder and chalk can make it happen.

If you have chalk, you can use it draw a line on entry points to prevent ants from entering. You will see that they will avoid the chalk. Also, if you have baby powder, you can sprinkle it on ant trails to remove pheromones or apply it directly on the pest. Once their bodies are covered with baby powder, they will eventually die because the powder covers the airways in their bodies. No need to spend more when it comes to ants, but if these powders don’t work, a pest exterminator in Davidson, NC can help you. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used to alleviate stress, and it helps in relaxing your body. Oils can also help in making your home fresh, smell good, and be free from ants. You’ve read the latter, right! Essential oils can help in eliminating ants effectively, and you don’t need to spend thousands on it. Peppermint is one of the most recommended essential oils to use for ants. It is a natural repellent for insects, and applying it to places where ants are present will drive them away. The pungent smell of peppermint is what ants hate, and when they smell it, they will immediately crawl away. You can use essential oils as a spray or dip it in cotton balls and place it where ants are frequently seen. 

Baking Soda

One of the most useful powder today is baking soda. It is used to whiten teeth and dark areas and can be used for cleaning as well. In control ants, baking soda is also a remedy you need to consider because of its great help. Mixing baking soda and sugar is the best combination that you can use to eliminate pesky ants. The sugar will lure ants, and the baking soda will kill them eventually, and it works the same as borax. If you want a safer bait for ants, baking soda is the one as it is non-toxic.

However, the bait may not eliminate an infestation; that’s why it is still best to call the nearest pest expert in Davidson to stop an ant infestation. These are the natural remedies you can use to eliminate ants in your property effectively. Aside from letting a local ant exterminator in Davidson handling the pest, these natural remedies can help you get rid of your pest problem without spending too much and will keep your home free from ants successfully.

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