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How To Keep Your Dogs Free From Pesky Fleas


Dogs are normally part of the family because they serve as a companion; that’s why they bagged the title “man’s best friend.” Your furry pets can make your home light and happy because they are playful but still sweet and sympathetic to their masters. However, dogs become vulnerable to diseases when fleas are around. The pest is known to be one of the main enemies of furry animals including dogs and cats.

Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas

Fleas are pesky, and they can make your fur friends uncomfortable. Since you are a pet owner, you also want your pets to live healthily; that’s why you look for ways how to get rid of fleas on dogs to keep them in good shape. On the other hand, when flea begins to infest, the severity may worsen, and this is the time you need to seek help from a pest control company to help you exterminate the pest and stop the infestation from spreading. But, if you are still tight on a budget yet would like to keep fleas away from your dogs, there are ways on how you can make it possible. Here are tips on how to keep pesky fleas away from your dogs effectively. Get to know them now!

Check For Fleas

For you to know if your dogs have fleas, check it by yourself. The pest is tiny, and if you don’t take a closer look, you might not be able to notice that your furry dog already has fleas. To make your suspicions clear and accurate, inspecting for fleas on your pet is the best way to identify your pet’s problem. If you see some fleas on your furry friends, you can easily know how to get rid of fleas on dogs to make them free. If you know your enemy, you will also know the proper ways to eliminate them. But, if you inspect your dog and find out late that an infestation is already occurring, you need the help of a pest expert instead to do the extermination.

Lessen Dog’s Activities Outside

If your dog is suffering from flea infestation, it may have gotten the pest outside. Walking your pet outside or letting them play out of your house is also good for them because they can freely enjoy their selves. However, if you bring them to a flea-infested area, this is where the problem arises. Fleas can easily cling to your pets because they can jump continuously.

Once they are clinging to your dogs, they can easily have a ride back to your home and will infest more. If you see that your pet is acting unusual, it only means that a pest is bothering them. So, to keep fleas away, lessen their activities outside to prevent them from acquiring new fleas. Too many fleas can also make them sick. However, even if you have lessened their outdoor activities fleas are still around, you need the expertise of a flea exterminator in Cornelius to resolve your problem.

Maintain Cleanliness of Your Pet’s Bed

Fleas will not only be found on your dogs, but they can be found everywhere, or in places, they can easily get in contact with dogs. The bed where your pet usually stays can also be a place for the pest to hide and infest, and if you don’t keep it clean often, the pest might not have any plan of leaving your pet’s bed.

According to a local flea exterminator near me, keeping your pet’s bed clean will lessen the presence of fleas, and you can prevent the pest from infesting your dogs as well. When cleaning the pet bed, use hot water to kill fleas and do it once a week. Don’t forget to clean around the bed as the pest might also be hiding somewhere near your dog. By cleaning, you can avoid severe infestation from happening.

Give Your Dog a Bath

When fleas infest your dogs, you might find it hard to get rid of them. But when you take preventive measures, you can lessen their activities and will eventually have a dog free from fleas. One preventive measure to keep your dog in good shape is by bathing it. Like humans, dogs getting a bath is cleaner and will look better. A

bath can stop fleas from attacking your pet especially if you use shampoos or soaps, which are anti-fleas. Make sure to keep your dog clean by bathing it because it can be an answer to your flea problems. However, if the pest is not affected by keeping your dog clean, a pest exterminator in Cornelius can help in driving away the pest for good.

Use Flea Repellents

Some homeowners are having a hard time on how they can deal with fleas found on their dogs successfully. Since the pest is hard to eliminate, it is indeed difficult to remove them quickly. But, there are ways how you can stop the pest from coming to your pets, and that’s by using repellents. There are store-bought and natural repellents you can try for fleas, which are sometimes effective.

Diatomaceous earth, essential oils, pesticides, baking soda, soapy water, and more can be the repellent you can use for fleas. Take note; these repellents will only help in deterring the pest, not killing them. If you want total elimination of the pest, what you need is a flea exterminator in Cornelius to help you.

Keep Your House Clean

Fleas will never be after your pets; they can also infest your property, which makes it harder for them to eliminate. If you perform flea preventive measures, you can help your house be free from fleas and other pests trying to infest. One way to have a flea-free home for you and your pets is by keeping it clean as always. Sweep the floor to remove fleas and their eggs. You can also vacuum it to surely get rid of the hiding eggs in carpets, furniture, pet beds, upholstery, and more.

Aside from keeping your dogs clean, you also have to clean your yard because the place can also be home to fleas. Mow the grass, remove clutter, and organize your garden to stop fleas and other pests from coming. If your yard is infested by fleas, apply treatments that can help in lessening the presence of the pest outside. But, if cleaning doesn’t work, the need for a pest exterminator in Cornelius is a must.

Visit a Veterinarian

Sometimes, professional help is more advisable than relying on DIYs when it comes to flea control on your dogs. A visit to the vet is a must if your dog is suffering from fleas because an expert knows how to eliminate them effectively and successfully. A veterinarian will be able to identify the problem and can give you other information regarding your pets. A vet will also give you the best treatment you can use for your dogs when fleas are around and might as well be able to know whether your pet is suffering from an illness.

With the help of a veterinarian, you can indeed keep your dogs free from fleas through their recommended treatments and prevention. But, if fleas are also scattered in your house, a local flea exterminator near me is the one you need. Here you go! Now you have an idea of how you can keep dogs free from pesky fleas. These are the things you can do to make your goal possible. Once you stop fleas coming to your dogs, the pest will also not be infesting your house. When things don’t work the way you expect it, you need a pest exterminator in NC to help you out.

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