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Do's And Dont's To Remember During Termite Control

termite damage on doorframe

Homeowners are happy and complacent if pests are not around. A pest-free home is what everyone wants to have for a longer time because they feel safe as they don’t have to worry about infestations and diseases. However, everyone will not always be on the bright side because pests can infest anytime.

Do's and Dont's to Remember During Termite Control

One of the most annoying pests you will encounter and would not want to have at home is termites. The pest is famously called as a silent destroyer because of its ability to damage houses without giving the owner any idea. Their infestation will only be done when then damages are already severe, and they are visible in the property.  Termites are difficult to eliminate because their population is too big when they infest. Because of this, do-it-yourself pest control might not be effective, especially if the infestation is already serious. When you see termites, immediately seek the help of a professional pest control company in Mooresville as it can be your ticket to a termite-free home.  On the other hand, when termite control is performed, you need to remember some things for you to drive away from the pests successfully. Here are the dos and don’ts you need to remember when termite control is on the process. Find out now! 


Always Inspect Your House

One way to know if termites are around or not is by inspecting your property. Termites are small creatures you might not see easily if you don’t take a closer look. You might also mistake the pest as flying ants since the two are similar yet very different if you look into it properly. During termite control, an inspection can still be done to see if the damage done by pest becomes critical. Also, assessing your home will be a lot of help when you ask a pest expert in Mooresville to do the treatment as you can give some information regarding the infestation. Always take note that inspection should not only be done during a termite control, but it should be conducted regularly to ensure if pests are present or not. 

termite damage

Stop your woodwork for the meantime

During a termite control, you need to stop giving termites a new place to infest. If your woodwork falls at the same time when you have termite control, you need to stop your carpentry first for the meantime. Doing both will make the treatment harder as the wood dust may cover termites which might be a problem for the termite exterminator in Mooresville to finish the work. Also, stopping your woodwork will allow the exterminator to access your home freely. If woods are scattered all around, the professional will find it hard to roam around since his way is obstructed. During a termite control, the exterminator has the equipment to use, and if woods are blocking his way, the treatment might not be done. 

Provide Chemicals Used for DIY Pest Control

There are times you would resort to DIY termite treatments to control the pest. It is good, but if the infestation is already severe, DIYs might not be the one you need, and the results might not give you satisfaction. To clear termites in your home, you need help from a termite exterminator in Mooresville who is capable of treating and eliminating those pesky termites. When a professional comes over, you also need to provide the chemicals you used for DIY pest control for the expert to know the resistance of the pest. Letting the exterminator know the chemicals you used will help them to create the best and most effective treatment plan which the pest cannot resist. Also, declaring the chemicals you used will avoid redundancy. Don’t be afraid to tell the exterminator about the chemicals you used because it will also be helpful in their end.

termites destroying wood

Keep Out the Treated Areas

If you are curious how exterminators treated termites in your property, better ask them personally than roaming around the treated areas. Keeping out the areas where termite control is done should be followed because the chemicals used for the treatment can cause you health problems. If you keep on walking around treated areas, you are putting your health at risk. If the exterminator does not need your help, better keep out the treated areas if you want to be free from sickness. Let a pest expert in Mooresville do its job properly for you to have a termite-free home in the end.

Remove Possible Risks

Don’t be complacent that after a termite control, your home will never be invaded and damaged by termites because even treated homes experience the same infestation if risk factors are not removed after the treatment. Piles of woods, leaks, cardboard boxes, and more are what termites like, and if you don't get rid of them, you are not helping the treatment to be effective. You need to remove woods near your property, or if you want to pile some logs, better place it far from your house and must be above the ground to prevent termites from infesting it. Also, you have to eliminate moisture inside your house as it can attract more termites. According to a pest exterminator in Mooresville, if you don’t remove the risks, a possible termite attack can happen in the future. 


If there are things you need to do during a termite control, you also have to know the things you need to avoid if you want the process to be successful. 

Don’t Let Your Pets Play With Termite Baits

There are times when your furry friends become playful and might play with the baits for termite. You need to avoid this as it can be risky to your pets. A termite exterminator in Mooresville will set baits to lure the pest. There are times that the baits used contain toxic chemicals which can be critical to your pets. If you don’t keep your pets out of the treatment area, there is a possibility that your dogs and cats might ingest the toxins which are poisoning. Also, you have to keep your pets away from baits for termites to find it easily and mistake it as a food source.

a termite in nest

Don’t be Complacent after One Termite Treatment

Some homeowners think that one treatment for termite infestation is already enough. When your house is treated for termites, don’t be complacent because the pest can attack anytime soon. A re-infestation can occur if you don’t monitor your home. A pest exterminator in Mooresville might do follow-up checkup and treatment to see if the treatments applied have worked, and if there are still termites survived. Once a termite control is done in your home, don’t stop performing preventive measures because it will help in reducing the possibility of a re-infestation and will prevent you from spending more. 

Don’t Rely Too Much on DIY Pest Control 

DIY pest controls are around as these can be found on the internet and can be directly bought in stores. Using this pest control can save you lots of money. However, the case will not always be the same. Some may work at first, but the second time you do it might not give you the results you want. That’s why relying on DIY pest control is not good enough. Your pest problems like termites might become severe if you apply the wrong treatment. You still need to seek professional help from a pest control company in Mooresville if you want to eliminate termites completely from your home.  Here you go! These are the dos and don’ts you need to remember during a termite control. These things should not only be remembered when treatment is done, but you need always to put it in mind for you to resolve your pest problem in the future. 

Professional Pest Control Company

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