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Signs Of Infestations Of The Top Pests In North Carolina


There are countless ways in which our summer days can be ruined at home. You may be thinking about unfortunate events with other people. You may also be thinking about accidents and sudden mishaps. However, there is one thing that only a few think about - the danger of pests. Most people think that pests are more common in the winter than in the summer. Because of this, people have the impression that they will not face as much infestation in the summer.

However, experts have concluded that pests are more common and more lively in the summer. There is an abundance of light, abundance of food, and abundance of shelter to brood in. Although it is easier to eliminate pests during the summer, their population is doubled or tripled. For this reason, prevention of pests is important, especially in rural areas.

To know what to do against insects, you need to be familiar with the top most popular pests in North Carolina:

Most Common Winter Pests

1. House Mice

These creatures are the most typical rodents that infest homes all over the world. House mice are known for their habit of building their nests in dark and secluded areas like attics and basements. More often than not, these creatures create holes to live between walls and ceilings. According to statistics, house mice are responsible for 25% of all house damage in the United States. A big percentage of all cases of fires are also traced back to mouse activity.

As if it ends there, mice cause more than just structural damage. These creatures also cause illnesses in human beings. Did you know that mice are notorious bacteria hoarders? Their wastes bring several diseases to humans such as Salmonellosis, Diarrhea, and Amoebiasis. One bite from a mouse could also lead to rat-bite fever which could be dangerous, especially to children and infants.

To determine if your home is infested by mice, here are some of the most common signs of infestation:

  • Droppings. If you see small, black droppings around your home, this is the best indication of an infestation. According to experts, you can get more information from their droppings such as an estimated population of the rodents and their individual size. If you see more droppings, it indicates that there are more mice brooding inside your house. The size of their droppings indicates their individual sizes. The bigger the dropping, the bigger the mouse. In addition, the droppings will also tell you where the most common site of mouse activity is. The site where there is most dropping is the ideal place to set up a trap.
  • Musky odor. If you are wondering about the pungent smell inside your house, it could be an indication of mice infestation. This odor is brought by the urine of mice. If the smell is getting stronger, it means that the mouse population inside your house is getting bigger. If you locate the main site where you can smell the urine, you can locate where they hide and breed.
  • Gnawed Holes. Rats can boreholes to get inside your home as well. To determine which rodent is responsible for the holes, consider the edges of the holes. The holes created by mice are precise and clear-cut. The holes created by rats are bigger and have rougher edges than that created by mice. You can usually see these on the walls of your attic or kitchen. If you have a second floor made from wood, you can see the holes on your floors.
  • According to experts, you can find rub marks and gnaw marks on furniture and walls. Did you know that their teeth do not stop growing? This is the reason why they have the constant need to gnaw on things - to trigger the growth of their big teeth. 
  • Noises. If you ask me, this is one of the most annoying signs of an infestation. If you hear the incessant gnawing and scratching of mice, you better do something to get rid of them or it will start to affect your life negatively.

2. Cockroaches

Another common pest is the German Cockroach. They prefer to live in places where there is moisture and solitude. Just like mice, these creatures are very shy in nature. They only go out of their comfort zones when everybody's asleep and the light is all off.

These creatures are very attracted to food crumbs left on tables, and floors, including clothes. Did you know that these creatures can destroy clothing by eating through the fabric? For this reason, experts advise keeping your used clothes as far away from your bedroom or kitchen. Even if it does not have food stains, cockroaches are still attracted to sweat.

Fun fact about cockroaches: they love moist. They can live for months without solid food but cannot survive days without water. For this reason, they love to infest the kitchen and bathroom, especially during the summer to rehydrate.

Here are some of the most common signs of cockroach infestation at home:

  • Unusual Smell. Just like house mice, cockroaches can cause a lingering odor to the things they come in contact with. This is because of their vomit and their droppings. It is also combined with the bacteria on their bodies.
  • Droppings. The droppings of these creatures look like pepper scattered all over the floor. Just like the mouse droppings, it could give you hints about the population and size of the cockroaches. 

3. Raccoons

These creatures are also a species of rodents that can be found in woody parts of the United States. Raccoons can pass through chimneys and windows to search for warmth and food. According to studies, raccoons are rabid. For this reason, you need to take precautions when trying to shoo them away from your home.

Here are signs of raccoon infestation you should know:

  • A strong smell of feces or urine. Just like mice, their urine has a very foul smell. Long-established raccoon nests are known to accumulate wastes such as urine and droppings. Locate the site where they hide using your sense of smell to determine the necessary actions needed to get rid of them. Always remember not to get in contact with any form of raccoon waste. It could cause various diseases and it could be more severe, especially among children. 
  • Damage to specific areas of your home such as shutters, shingles, and vents. The number one hotspot for raccoons is the chimney. These rodents have the ability to climb up roofs and dislodge chimney caps. Make sure to fasten your lids. Or it could become a perfect site for brooding among pregnant raccoon mothers.
  • Listen for unexpected noises. These creatures cause unexpected noises from ceilings and walls. If you have a raccoon infestation, you may hear whimpers, scratching, gnawing, and chatters at night. 

4. Ants

These are the best examples of hoarders in the summer. Since they have enough sunlight to look for food, they will do anything in their power to forage crumbs from your home to feed their colony. Actually, ants are not pests in that sense. They only become one when they cause a nuisance to the family. In large numbers, they can tear the packaging of your food. They can also carry bacteria and spread it indoors, causing illness to human beings. 

5. Ticks & Fleas

This is the most notorious enemy of our pets. During the summer, ticks and fleas can be found on grasses and bushes. They latch on to the next human being or animal they get a hold of. The most common sign of tick and flea infestation is the constant scratching of your pets. You will know that the infestation is getting worse when your pets look disinterested in the activities they used to love. You can also observe them lose their appetite and remain inactive. When this happens, treat your dogs with anti-tick and anti-flea formulas. Better yet, consult the nearest vet.

6. Bed Bugs

These creatures are known to be the silent predators of humans and animals. They are almost invisible to the naked eye. One might say you need to be like Sherlock Holmes and have your own magnifying glass to see them. Bedbugs can latch onto everything including bags, luggage, shoes, and clothes. Once they get inside your home, they will move to the areas where you rest and sleep. When you do, they will start to feed on your blood, leaving red marks on your skin.

Call for a Pest Control Expert

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