Do's And Don'ts In Bed Bug Control

December 6, 2019

Pests will always be pests. They will infest when they want and will be merciless when they begin their infestations. One of the most common pests you will encounter is a bed bug. It is known to be resurging pest from the past because it has been washed out before but now, it is again causing problems to homeowners.

bed bug on a mattress

That’s why bed bug control is important today.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that will feed on you when you are asleep. They will leave itchy, reddish, and bumpy bites on your body which will be troublesome for you.

If you don’t control the pest, you will never have the chance to get away from it. To help you in controlling bed bugs, a company that can get rid of bed bugs for me should be called for better assistance.

However, in all pest control, there are dos and don’ts you need to remember. Knowing what to do and what to avoid will help you achieve a successful pest control.

We know how hard it is to eliminate bed bugs and if you don’t know the proper way, you will never get ahold of them.

To make your bed bug control effective and successful, here are the dos and don’ts you need to know for better pest control.


Do Identify The Enemy Properly

Before you dig into the elimination process, it is a need for you to identify your enemy first. Bed bugs are hard to identify and if you are not aware of its appearance, you might mistake it for some other brown bugs found in your home. Make sure that you do research about bed bugs for you to recognize it properly once you begin the control. A pest exterminator in Davidson recommends proper identification of the pest before working on the extermination.

Do De-Clutter

We know bed bugs are great hiders and if you give them places to hide, they will never have any plans of leaving. According to a bed bug exterminator in Davidson, decluttering can help in keeping your home free from bed bugs. To control the pest, you have to deprive them of finding places that can be homes for them. Remove mess which can be possible hiding places for bed bugs and make sure everything is tidy. Don’t forget to check your belongings if it has bed bugs around.

Do Sleep In The Same Infested Room

People believe that if their bedroom has bed bugs, they have to move out to avoid it. However, this is wrong. Bed bugs will come with you if you move to another room to sleep so to keep the pest in an infested room, you have to sleep in the same place. In this way, you will not spread the pest on other rooms and will avoid severe infestations in the end. When your room is infested with bed bugs, make sure to call a bed bug exterminator in Davidson to control the pest.

Do Travel Cautiously 

If you are fond of traveling, you have to be cautious about bed bugs. It is a must for you to be careful when you visit other places because there are areas which are bed bug-infested. If you are careful, you can control bed bugs in your home after going on a trip properly. Make sure to check your belongings like bags, clothes, and luggage before entering the house because if these things are infested, the pest can spread easily once it reached the inside of your home.

Also, after traveling, wash your belongings to ensure no bed bugs will be free to infest your house. If you didn’t expect bed bugs to hitchhike with you after traveling, you can ask a bed bug exterminator in Davidson to do the inspection.

Do Hire A Bed Bug Exterminator

If you cannot deal with bed bugs, let a professional do it. Hiring a bed bug exterminator is a big must because a pro can identify pests easily. An exterminator is capable of finding, treating, and killing bed bugs in your home even the pest is hiding in places you have never imagined. A bed bug exterminator in Davidson is experienced with bed bugs since he has dealt with the pest for several times.

When you hire an exterminator, you don’t have to worry because he knows what method is best for the pest you have at home and will never end the day without exterminating the pest successfully.


Don’t Go To Another House

If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home, make sure to keep the pest inside and don’t spread it out. Some homeowners tend to transfer or move to their friend or relative’s home when they found out bed bugs are present. This is wrong. Don’t share the infestation with others because it can be a problem for them as well. Going to another person’s house will spread the bed bugs and you are giving the pest a new place to infest. Even you have left bed bugs, they can still survive without you since they can live without feeding for more than a year. A bed bug exterminator in Davidson suggests that you should not leave your house to stop the pest from spreading more.

Don’t Panic When Bed Bugs Are Around

If you panic quickly after finding out bed bugs are around, it will get you and will never have the time to think carefully. Panicking will never help in controlling bed bugs so you have to keep calm. Bed bugs can be resolved if a thorough inspection is done and the right control is applied. Or, better yet, a bed bug exterminator in Davidson can do the work if you can’t do the bed bug control.

Don’t Buy Secondhand Items

If you are fond of shopping secondhand items, better stop it if you want to achieve bed bug control. Bringing used items in your house can be a source of bed bugs especially if you didn’t clean it. Furniture, clothing, bags and more are some of the items you might but and these can have bed bugs. To keep your home free from bed bugs, don’t buy secondhand things because it might worsen the situation. If the infestation is severe already, the need for a pest exterminator in Davidson is a must.

Don’t Do The DIY Bed Bug Control

We know that DIYs are cost-effective and time-saving since you can do it on your own without the help of professionals. However, if your home has bed bugs, DIYs are never good options. Bed bugs should not be dealt with DIYs because it is hard to eliminate the pest and if you don’t know if bed bugs are indeed infesting. Using wrong treatments can worsen the situation and might trigger the pest to reproduce more. If you want to control bed bugs, calling a pest exterminator in Davidson is advisable than relying on unsure methods. 

Don’t Throw Infested Items Away

You might think that throwing the mattress or things that have bed bugs away will resolve the problem. You got it wrong. According to a pest exterminator in Davidson, throwing out infested items can help in spreading the pest unknowingly. By throwing, the infestation can spread in the entire house which is harder to deal with. If you bring in a new mattress, you are giving the hiding bed bugs a new home to infest. So, better put the infested items inside the infested room to prevent the pest from reaching the other areas of your house.

These are the dos and don’ts you need to remember when it comes to bed bug control. The pest is a difficult enemy but if you do the right control, you can get rid of them gradually. Also, calling a professional pest control company in Davidson can resolve your bed bug problems once and for all.

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