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Rice Weevils: Our Worst Kitchen Enemies

Weevils appear in a wide array of colors and shapes. The most unique part of a weevil is the unusual shape of its head. Weevils can cause problems indoors and outdoors, find out how you can eliminate… Read More

Local Exterminator For Wasps In Lewisville, NC

To people who love backyard activities, wasps are their number one problem. These creatures have no regard for our personal space. They make their nests on trees and bushes. Read More

Top Exterminator For Moths In Hopewell, NC

A lot of people keep asking, “Is it dangerous to touch the wings of a moth?” Well, it is not harmful to humans. However, it can cause an allergic reaction to some people. Read More

Mice Control Company Near Mooresville, NC

These creatures may be small, but do not underestimate their ability to destroy. One mouse can bore multiple holes on your walls without you noticing it, letting its allies into your home.  Read More

Bargain Exterminator Service In Troutman, NC

Are you tired of the buzzing bees on your patio, the hornet's nest at your attic, and the rat droppings in your basement? Do you ever get tired of the incessant gnawing of mice in the middle of the… Read More


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