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Facts About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ants in the United States, particularly in Texas. Compared to other species, Carpenter ants can grow up to 1/4 inch in length. Read More

Acrobat Ants: Identification, Facts, & Control

Insects have their own unique characteristics. As for acrobat ants, these are the only ant species that can raise their abdomen over their thorax and their head. We usually see them do this when they… Read More

Responsible Housekeeping Skills Against Ants

Ants are one of the most common house pests. To some, having ants in the household is harmless. Little do they know that ant infestations rank as one of the most bothersome situations at home. Ants… Read More

Top 8 Most Dangerous Ants Of All Time 

Ants are often portrayed as very sociable insects. In storybooks and fables, ants are always described as responsible, reliable, and industrious. It is probably the only insect we teach our children… Read More

Army Ants: Facts, Types, & Life Cycles

Have you seen the difference between the typical ant and the army ant? These creatures have a more developed mandible that they use for battling fellow ants and dismembering their prey. Army ants… Read More

How Ants Survive The Winter

Ants are one of the most common pests in the household. Did you know that you cannot go a second without an ant brooding within 3 feet from you? Ants are known to be social ants. That is why in our… Read More


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