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Running a Business in Mooresville Keeps You Busy, Let…

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Your business's reputation can quickly be destroyed by a pest infestation. No one wants services from a pest infested company, so learn how to protect your business today. Read More

How To Pest Control At Home (Concorde Exterminators)

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Whether we like it or not, pests will always be a part of our lives. In a way, they have actually taken over our lives. Unfortunately, it would probably be like this forever.  Read More

Why DIY Pest Control Is Risky

Availing an exterminator for pests is the best choice when your property is experiencing pest problems like severe infestations. A professional can help in dealing with all your pest issues and can… Read More

The Truth About Boric Acid As An Insecticide

Boric Acid was introduced in 1702 by Wilhelm Homberg. In his lab, he tried to isolate boric acid by mixing mineral acids, water, and Borax. During the process, he let the water evaporate to extract… Read More

Easy, Safe, Natural, & Homemade Insect-Killer 

There are a lot of different reasons why we should prevent if not eliminate the existence of pests in our surroundings. First of all, pests are very dangerous to human health. Insects such as the… Read More

What To Do About Flying Ants At Home

Flying insects are one of the most disturbing kinds of all time. Oddly so, these are the pests we fear the most. Insects like the bees and the cockroach just make us cringe even at the thought of it.… Read More


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