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Pest Control For Flies (Huntersville Exterminators)

fruit fly in house

Flies are a huge nuisance, especially in the home, worse yet in a restaurant. Find out why it is so important to make sure you are in a fly-free zone. Read More

How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Housefly?

The housefly is a flying piece of dirt and disease. They are filled with germs and viruses and they scatter around the house looking for anything to eat. And when we say anything, it means human or… Read More

The Best Pest Control For Flies In Concord, NC

Can you identify any other insect that is as filthy as the cockroach?  If your answer is, then you are correct. Flies are among the filthiest creatures on the planet; they feed on human and animal… Read More

Flying Pests & The Best Pest Control To Call

Flying pests are so annoying! They buzz around your ears and spoil all the fun in your parties. Not to mention they can spread disease and give you their painful stings. There is no doubt, flying… Read More


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