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Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Mooresville?

mosquito biting a human hand

You might be familiar with the itchy, irritating bites that mosquitoes leave behind, but did you know their name means “little fly,” or that there are around 3,500 mosquitoes across the globe? Read More

Will Pest Control Hurt Dogs? (Cornelius Exterminators)

dog scratching

Pets, especially dogs, give us so much joy in our lives. At home, nothing beats having your pooch be the first to excitedly greet you after a hard day’s work, giving you a joyful lick and an embrace… Read More

Qualities Of A Pest Exterminator You Need To Look For


Out of thousands of pest exterminators out there, it is difficult to choose which one is the best. Read More

How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Coming Spring

rodent damage to home

Spring season comes right after the time pests are low on their activities so when the time comes for them to awaken and get out, they will now begin to infest again.  Read More

Reasons Why Pest-Proofing Your Home is Beneficial

Some homeowners don't believe that pest-proofing is beneficial because all they think are about the expenses. If you are unsure whether to pest-proof your home or not, here are the benefits you need… Read More

Why Summer Is The Season For Pests

Summer is the best season for me. Just think about all the outdoor activities! All of it sounds like fun. You can call over some friends for a movie marathon. You can organize the party of the year… Read More

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