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How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Coming Spring

rodent damage to home

Spring season comes right after the time pests are low on their activities so when the time comes for them to awaken and get out, they will now begin to infest again.  Read More

Things To Do Before & After A Pest Treatment


Pest treatment can help in minimizing infestations and pest presence since a professional uses appropriate treatments that are intended on the pest. Using treatments, it is possible to make your home… Read More

Different Methods Of Pest Control In Your Probably…

If you are curious about what methods your pest exterminator use in controlling the pests around your house, we got you!  Read More

Drawbacks Of Having Pests At Home Which You Don't Know

Pests do damage to your home, they can sting and bite, and are attracted to your pets. You can call Lake Norman Pest Control to help you exterminate these pests. Read More

We Are Hiring - Open Interviews Jan-23-18 | Come…

We are a locally owned pest control company that has grown so fast, by 10X since 2012 and we are adding new people to help accommodate for the explosive growth. Read More


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