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Pantry Moths 101: A Comprehensive Guide to…

a pantry moth in a pantry

Not sure how to handle a pantry moth problem? It may be time to find out why Lake Norman Pest Control is the go-to company in Mooresville to wipe them out. Read More

How To Get Rid Of A Moth Infestation

There are literally millions of species of pests in the whole world. This includes ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, bees, wasps, and many more. But on this segment, you will be discussing a common pest… Read More

The Best Pest Control Company For Moths In Denver, NC

Moths, unlike the butterflies, are household pests. They do not transmit diseases, but they are a nuisance and the economic damages they cause are nothing to sneeze at. Read More

Seven Interesting Facts About Moths

Moths, unlike their relatives the butterflies, are true pests when inside homes. Some moths damage clothes and furniture, while some moths attack stored foods. Though they do not spread diseases, they… Read More

The Best Moth Control Company In Davidson, North…

Some of the moths in Davidson, North Carolina have emerged as pests in and around the households.  A lot of residents here find their clothes ruined, or their stored foods infested beyond use… Read More

DIY Tips Against Moth Infestation

Moths are very annoying creatures. Although they look a lot like the butterfly, these creatures can pose a great nuisance to the family. Did you know that moths can damage books, clothing, and even… Read More

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