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Overwintering Pest Prevention Tips Everyone In…


Animals handled winter differently before people built homes around them. In most cases, they would find little nooks and crannies inside trees, under rocks, or anywhere else they could and would… Read More

Pests & Holiday Décor: What Mooresville Homeowners…

mouse in Christmas decorations

Are you someone who takes the holiday season seriously? If so, there is something you should know: pests love the holidays too! If you are not careful this season, these unwanted guests might get… Read More

 5 DIY Pest Prevention Tips For The Summer!

house mouse

Home maintenance is critical to ensure you aren’t annoyed or embarrassed by bugs, that your family is safe from biting insects, and that your property is protected from damage. Read More

Reasons Why Pest-Proofing Your Home is Beneficial

Some homeowners don't believe that pest-proofing is beneficial because all they think are about the expenses. If you are unsure whether to pest-proof your home or not, here are the benefits you need… Read More

Important Tips For Pest Prevention & Control 

There are some pests that do not pose any damage or nuisance at all. They live in a peaceful environment that does not involve human beings. However, there are some pests who can cause damage to… Read More

Citronella Oil: One Of Nature's Pest Repellent

When we read about DIY methods for pest management, we often see citronella as an effective repellent. In this chapter, I will be discussing which pests citronella oil is effective for, plus DIY tips… Read More

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