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Homemade Poison To Kill Rats

Ever since the dawn of humans, rats have been a raging pest to our ancestors. They pilfer and destroy homes because of their ravenous appetites. In the modern age, did you know that fires from damaged… Read More

Baking Soda: A Rat Killer

An important reason for building a secure and stable home is to avoid the infestation of pests and other unwanted animals. This includes rats, mice, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, and many more. Read More

How Rats Became An Inescapable Part Of The City

Rats are among us. Wherever you go, wherever we live, rats will always be a part of our lives. No matter how sturdy or secure our houses seem, rats always manage to find a way in whatever the cost. Read More

Why You Should Be Worried About Mice In NC

What is the main important aspect of a happy family?  It will always be safety and security. That is the ability to eat three times a day, sleep and a warm bed, go to school, and find tenure at work… Read More

The Most Competent Mice Exterminator In North Carolina

Mice can singlehandedly destroy your home in no time. When that creature becomes desperate for food, it will do literally anything to find something to gnaw on.  If a person has mice infestation, it… Read More

Effective Home Remedies For Rodent Control In Lake…

Lake Norman Pest Control is the company to call if you are ever facing a rodent infestation. With professionally trained and equipped exterminators, Lake Norman's team only provides the best, most… Read More


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