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Learn More About Flying Insects

There are many kinds of household pets. There are pests that crawl: spiders, rodents, centipedes, cockroaches, silverfish, and millipedes. There are pests that jump, like fleas and bed bugs. Then there are pests that are so annoying because they fly; some even transmit diseases. For this article, we will discuss flying pests, what they are, and how to control them.

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Mosquitoes are probably the most dangerous creatures on earth. The reason they are so dangerous is that they have the ability to spread hundreds of different infectious diseases, a lot of them fatal. They live by sucking the blood of their hosts, including humans.

Some of the diseases these mosquitoes can cause are malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus, encephalitis, elephantiasis, yellow fever, and many others.

The best way to control mosquitoes is to remove stagnant water inside the house as well as outside of it. Dispose of old materials that can hold water for a long time, items like cans, old tires, old plastic containers, etc. You can also apply mosquito repellents. Use mosquito repellents with DEET, the most effective ingredient against mosquitoes. In your bedroom at night, use a mosquito net so you would not have to worry about mosquitoes buzzing near your ears and biting you as you sleep.

Yellow Jacket Wasps

The yellow jacket wasps are among the most common, and the most dangerous of the wasp species. They are highly territorial, and sting when they feel threatened. They have a powerful sting and some people might be allergic to their venom. They are distinguishable for their black color with bright yellow stripes. To prevent yellow jackets from infesting your territory, make sure to keep your trash and garbage covered. Do not leave any edible material and even dog food outside as it may attract the wasps to your territory.


There are two very common household pests among moths, the clothes moths and the meal moths. The clothes moths, as their name suggests, eat your clothes. They eat fibers that come from animals, like wool, fur, and feather. Most likely, they are to eat clothes that are dirty, damp, and hidden in undisturbed places like under your sofa.

Meal moths are the moths that infest dry foods like cereals, rice, flour, pasta, powdered milk, and other grains. They are definitely pests and are considered as the most troublesome type of moth in the United States.

To get rid of these moths, it is advisable to use mothballs or repellents to deter them. Regularly clean dark and damp areas of your house, like those areas under your furniture and beds. These are favorite hiding areas of the moths. When buying dry foods at the grocery, check for moth infestation as it is very possible to have moths in there. Check for webbings too. When you get home, transfer these dry foods to a sealed and dry container to make it out of the reach of moths. Also, clean up on food spills immediately.


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