Would you know a termite if you saw one? What would you do if you picked up a stick in your yard and found termites crawling on it? Are you aware of how much damage termites are able to do to properties in our state? These are all important questions if you want to guard your home from damage.

Let's take a look at the termites we have in Mooresville, how to identify the different kinds of termites in a colony, how to pick up on signs of termites in your yard, and what to do about them. If you know you have termites and you want to connect with pest control in Mooresville, jump over to our contact page for immediate assistance.

a termite crawling out of its nest
many termite swarmers in a yard

Types Of Termites In Mooresville

The termites that are a risk to Mooresville properties are subterranean termites. In a subterranean termite colony there are basically four kinds of termites you should know about, and two that you should learn how to identify.

  • Queens and kings are the heart of a colony. You're not likely to ever see them once they've established a colony. But, you may see them before they do. Queens and kings come into your yard as winged termites. These winged termites are called swarmers.

  • Swarmers are one of the two termites you should learn how to identify. The appearance of swarmers on, or inside, your home is an indication that you have a termite problem. A swarmer is entirely black and has white wings that are rounded at the tips. These wings hang quite a bit past the end of the abdomen—though you will have to look closely to see this as these insects are only about ⅜ of an inch.

  • Termite workers are the other termite you should learn how to identify. Workers are about ⅛ of an inch and pale in color. They look like tiny, fat ants.

  • Soldiers can be found with termite workers. They are bigger than the workers and have an orange head with black pincers.

If you detect any of these kinds of termites on your Mooresville property, or you need assistance with identifying termites you've uncovered, contact Lake Norman Pest Control for help with termite identification.

How To Identify A Termite Infestation

The unfortunate truth is that you are likely to miss the signs of termites in your yard. Subterranean termites have behavior patterns that keep them concealed. Here are a few tips to help you with your termite inspections, so that these sneaky insects don't go undetected:

  • Look underneath wood, mulch, cardboard, and other materials termites eat. You may find workers hidden beneath. Use the description above for termite identification.

  • Inspect any points at your home where wood touches the soil. You may see trenches in the wood or termite workers crawling around if you have a termite problem.

  • Inspect your foundation wall for shelter tubes. Subterranean termites make these in order to go from the soil to the wood of your home—if they are unable to find wood-to-soil contact.

  • Inspect wood that is damp or in areas of high humidity. You may find damage in these places because termite workers can come out at night to feed without fear of becoming dehydrated and dying.

When Is It Best To Call A Professional

Long before you detect termites, you should invest in professional termite control. This is the kind of pest problem that can sneak up on you. When it does, it can eat into your retirement savings and create a lot of headaches at a time of your life when you're trying to enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

A professional can help you guard your property (and your bank account) by providing annual termite inspections, or by installing a termite control product around your home. Termite damage can be prevented. When you invest in professional termite control, you decide how much you're going to allow those sneaky insects to cost you. In fact, you can add it as a line item in your budget, and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Mooresville Termite Control

Don't wait for termites to attack your property. If you live in Mooresville, connect with Lake Norman Pest Control for industry-leading termite protection, like the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This system uses termite bait to stop invading termites and eliminate colonies even as worker termites come to feed on your property.

The best part about the Sentricon® System is that you'll know it when they do. When your technician checks your bait stations, they'll know if termites have taken the bait—and so will you. You'll also know when the termites are gone. That's real peace of mind. For more information, or to request a visit from one of our termite control professionals, reach out to us today.


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