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What To Do About Flying Ants At Home


Flying insects are one of the most disturbing kinds of all time. Oddly so, these are the pests we fear the most. Insects like the bees and the cockroach just make us cringe even at the thought of it. However, there is another species of flying insect that we need to discuss the flying ants. This is commonly mistaken for termites. Not to worry, there are distinctions that keep these two species apart.

You need to remember that not all swarming insects are termites, some are actually flying ants. To differentiate the two, you need to observe several characteristics. A termite is relatively smaller than the flying ant. It has a straight antenna, an equal length of wings, and a straight abdomen. However,flying ants have the opposite. They are much bigger in nature, and they have a bent antenna, unequal pair of wings, and a thin abdomen.

An Overview Of Alates

Typically, we see these creatures crawling on the ground and on the walls. It is atypical for us to see them fly. Flying ants even become more imposing during their mating periods when they swarm and gather on specific landmarks for a behavior known as “hill topping.” How devastating it would be if they choose to gather at your place!

To some people, flying ants are some form of ant mutation. But to tell you factually, they are just a different form of the typical ant. They are known as “alates,” as entomologists describe them as simply ants which are more sexually mature. These plates are created by the queen ant herself and referred to as the “reproductive” of the colony fed by the worker and the slave ants. We only see flying ants around when they come to age because they spend their immature stages under the protection of the colony. When their wings are ready to expand, that is the time they fly and leave their colony to look for mates.

This flight from ants is commonly known as the “nuptial flight” or the “dispersal.” When flying ants start to gather in large clusters, some people know this process to be very harmful and disturbing especially to human beings and animals that aim to stop the activity. This is a concept termed as a swarm. Swarming helps keep predators a way to protect their kin from any form of invasion. This is where we can typically see the strength in numbers.

Most ant colonies swarm the same time every year. There are certain conditions that signal the ants that it is time to leave home. It includes bright sunlight, low winds, high humidity, and warm temperatures, preferably after three to five days of rain. The swarm usually happens in late spring or in early summer. That is when we see most ants with wings. Although there is no known danger from flying ants, you should still steer clear from any swarm of flying ants. You would not want to be in a compromising situation to prove this theory wrong. A lot of people keep asking, what if there is a swarm in the backyard, does this automatically make my house prone to an ant infestation? The answer is no. The only reason why flying ants swarm is their instinct to mate. They pay no attention to infesting houses because it is not yet a part of their instinct.

After the mating period has ended, the male alates die. However, the fertilized female flies out to see nesting sites that meet certain standards. Each female has preferences of their own. Some choose decaying wood, some prefer live wood, others even nest on the crevices on human sidewalks. Wherever they feel the safest, this is where the female ants go to establish a nest for their future offspring. Imagine if they choose your house by chance to nest their kin. Once the female ant finds a safe and secure environment to live in, it starts to break its wing and never fly again. This is where the real danger comes from ants. You can never face any danger from flying ants, but from crawling ants, do not be so sure.

When a person is pregnant, what do you think is its main instinct? Of course, it is to provide the needs of the child and to protect it from any harm. This is the same among female ants who have broken their wings. They can get aggressive especially when they feel like they are being threatened in their environment. Be it a child or an animal, nobody is safe from the mother ant’s instinct.

DIYs Against Flying Ants

This is the reason why you need to make necessary precautions against flying ants and the fertilized ant. Luckily, there are some prescribed DIY’s you can use to get rid of this ant species inside and outside your home.

Flying ants are much easier to spot than crawling ants. To eliminate the problem, you can use aerosol to serve as a bug poison. But remember to follow the label instructions to prevent accidents and another hazardous misuse of the product.  Also, remember never to direct the aerosol poison to any other person around your house. Before everything else, make sure that the poison you use is safe indoors and its residue is safe for human and animal contact.

Another proven and tested method of controlling flying ants in your area is to make a natural peppermint spray. Did you know that this simple method can kill flying ants by suffocating them?  You can mix this with water and dish soap in a spray bottle to create your own insecticides spray. Dish soap is a vital tool for ant control since it sticks to their bodies, causing dehydration, and soon, death.

You can also use diatomaceous earth. Just like dish soap, DE can help induce dehydration that can lead to death among ants.  All you need to do is lay a perimeter around potential food sources. When an ant steps into it, it becomes pierced by the small granules of the diatomaceous earth.

To make your life easier, you can invest your money in a bug zapper. This works well with various insects such as bees, mosquitoes, including flying ants. To do so, you need to consider several conditions. When you have a bug zapper, you need to place them in an open area where insects can fly easily. It is also important to keep them out of reach of children and animals. Another DIY to control ants is the use of a sticky fly trap. But to do so, you need to have a potential food source as bait.

When you see a swarm of your area, you must take precautions and look for a nest within your surroundings.  To get rid of these pests, you need to follow the whole colony and eliminate it for good. As we have stated earlier, immature ants stay within the anthill until they become mature enough to mate. Before this happens, you need to take immediate action to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Look For A Competent Pest Control Service

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