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Common Bathroom Pests And How To Stop Them From Infesting

drain fly

Your bathroom is also your haven because it is a place where you can quietly spend some moments on your own. The bathroom is also the place where hygiene happens to like taking a bath, brushing the teeth, peeing, and more.

However, the area is among the most infested places by pests as it can attract pests in different ways.

There are several pests you can actually encounter in your bathroom and letting them infest can lead to infestations, damages, and sickness. If you don’t get rid of vermin, it will be you and your family who will suffer.

To keep your bathroom and house safe from pests, you need the help of a pest extermination services to make it possible.

On the other hand, you may not be aware of the pests which are present in your restroom because some may not be familiar to you. Aside from the cockroaches you typically see in your bathroom, there are still others that are secretly lurking and infesting without your idea.

So, to make you aware of your unwanted bathroom visitors, we will provide you the common restroom pests you will encounter and how you can stop them from causing an infestation.


One of the most common pests is not only found in the bathroom but in all areas of the house are is cockroaches. This is one of the main problems of homeowners because of the filth and damages they bring when they are around.

Cockroaches are also common visitors in the bathroom and you won’t like it. The pest is known to trigger asthma and if you keep on allowing it to visit your restroom, there is a high possibility that the person in your family who has asthma will experience an attack anytime. The pest will visit your bathroom because they are looking for moisture.

Yes, cockroaches need moisture for them to survive and your restroom has it. They will visit the area to forage for water and food for them to survive. That’s why you won’t only see them pestering the bathroom but they will also be found in sinks.

If you want a bathroom that is free from cockroaches, seeking help from a pest exterminator in Concord is advised.


Another bathroom pest you need to be aware of is silverfish.

The pest is not only found in your closet, but it will also invade your bathroom if you are not mindful. Silverfishes are not literally fish but they are crawling insects that have a silver-gray body and will look for moisture. The pest like cockroaches is fond of moisture and if your bathroom has too much dampness, it will indeed be infested by the pest. The pest is fast when it moves, thanks to its tails which allow it to move like it is swimming. Silverfishes can be found in your bathroom if too much humidity is present as it is the environment they needed.

So, your restroom is the perfect place for them. Silverfishes are hard to deal with because they keep on moving.

If you treat one area alone, there is a tendency that the pest will still be alive.

If you want to get rid of the pest effectively, you need the help of a pest expert in Concord to make it successful.

Mold Mites

Keeping your bathroom uncleaned can lead to bringing pests in your place. Mold mites are among the common bathroom pests you will encounter and you will see them if mildews and molds are present. From the name of the pest itself, mold mites will come in your bathroom to feed on molds and mildews present. It will be hard for you to identify them due to their small size but they are tan or white in color which eats molds. Mold mites should be eliminated as quickly as possible because if you don’t do preventive measures, you will find more of them since they can reproduce as fast as cockroaches. Also, eliminating them is a must since the pest can also trigger allergic reactions.

To keep the pest out of your bathroom and your house, you have to stop molds from growing. If there are molds already, you need to find the source to remove it totally. Also, you have to practice keeping your bathroom dry and clean to prevent molds from thriving. In this way, you can stop mold mites from infesting. Make sure that moisture is controlled in your bathroom to stop molds and mold mites from coming back.

But, if the pest keeps on appearing every now and then, you have to call a pest exterminator in Concord to get rid of them.

Drain Flies

If you keep on seeing flies in your bathroom that could be drain flies and you will never like them there. The pest is known to be avid fans of grease found in your drains. Because of this, they are the worst bathroom pest you will experience. Drain flies larvae will spend their time feeding on the drain gunk until they reached adulthood.

Once they are ready to fly, they will fly out of the drain. Drain flies are tiny and pesky but they are not harmful. If you want to keep the pest out of your bathroom, you have to clean your drains and remove the greases. Make sure that water leaks are repaired to avoid attracting more pests.

However, if you don’t know what to do with the pest when they are around, you can hire a pest exterminator in Concord to do the dirty work for you.

These are the common bathroom pests you will see if your restroom is full of mold, moisture, and dirt. To make it safe from pest infestations, make sure to call a pest exterminator in Concord to keep your bathroom pest-free.

How To Stop Bathroom Pest Infestation

Now you are wondering how you can stop an infestation in your bathroom from happening. So, here are the ways on how you can make it possible.

Clean Your Bathroom 

By cleaning, you are removing the possible attractants for pests. Do deep cleaning every month to keep the place clean and safe from bathroom pests and to avoid infestations from arising. Also, don’t forget to still keep it clean on a regular basis to ensure that no pests will appear when you are out of the restroom.

Fix Water Leaks

Water leaks can tempt pests to come inside your bathroom and infest. If your pipes keep on leaking, moisture will present and this is the time bathroom pests will come as this is what they need. Moisture is a big attractant to all sorts of pests because they need water to survive. To avoid infestations from happening, you have to repair all water leaks in your bathroom and around your house as well to stop pests from infesting. 

Hire A Professional

Of course, doing DIY pest control will never be enough. if you have done your part but nothing works, a pest exterminator in Concord can help in continuing your battle against bathroom pests. A professional knows what to do with pests as they are well-rounded and knowledgeable with pest behaviors. A pro knows where to find pests as well.

If you have searched your bathroom but you can’t still find the pest, an expert will find it for you. With a professional, your bathroom or property is in good hands and it is guaranteed that no pest infestation will take place since treatments are applied as soon as the professional finds out you have pests at home.

Here you go!

These are the simple ways you can do to keep bathroom pests out and prevent them from infesting. If you need professional help, an exterminator with great reviews near Concord NC is always ready to help you.

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