We have several stinging insects in our area. Today, we're going to focus on wasps. The two wasp species that give us the most trouble are the paper wasp and the yellow jacket wasp. Paper wasps are the wasps that create those paper nests under your rooflines or under your window frames. Yellow jacket wasps are the tiny wasps that make nests in holes found in your landscaping and yard. Both are annoying and sometimes painful pests to have on your property. It is even worse when they get into your home.

Let's look at why wasps are around your home, what you can do to prevent wasp problems, and why professional control is the best way to get rid of wasps in Mooresville. If you're currently dealing with a wasp problem and you're looking for pest control in Mooresville, you can get immediate assistance by going to our contact page.

a yellow jacket wasp crawling on a pineapple
many wasps on their nest

Why Wasps Are Around Your Home

At Lake Norman Pest Control, we see a lot of different wasp problems. Many of these problems can be traced back to conditions that attract wasps. Long before you need to get a wasp removal service in Mooresville, you can work to prevent wasp problems by addressing conducive conditions on your property. Here are a few conditions we'll be talking about in our prevention section below:

  • Flowering weeds

  • Open or dirty trash receptacles

  • Water sources

  • Holes

  • Entry points into structures

  • Drink cups or soda bottles left outside

Stinging Insect Prevention Tips For Your Mooresville Home

Now that you know what wasps are attracted to, let's talk about what you can do to prevent wasp problems.

  • The paper wasp and the yellow jacket wasp will feed on sweet sources of food. A source of sweet food that will bring these wasps into your yard is nectar. If you have a weed problem, it can lead to a wasp problem. Many weeds have tiny flowers that offer a food source for these insects. As weeds take over, this food source can become abundant.

  • Paper wasps and yellow jacket wasps also eat sources of protein. If you have open trash, you'll find these insects hovering around it. But they don't need open trash to be invited into your yard. They'll come if they smell trash. Make sure to deodorize your receptacles if they start to stink.

  • Wasps drink water. If you have puddles or captured rainwater on your property, this can lure them in. Pool covers commonly create a water source. While wasps can drink the pool water, they don't like it because of the chlorine. They would much rather have you cover your pool and collect some nice fresh rainwater for them.

  • Yellow jacket wasps create nests in holes and voids. If you provide an opportunity, they may take you up on your offer. Fill in ground holes and seal entry points in structures. It is better to be proactive than reactive with these wasps. Getting rid of yellow jackets can be a pain. Literally.

  • When you leave drink cups, soda bottles, or some other sweet beverage outside, you can expect to draw the attention of wasps. Bring drinks back inside with you.

Why Professional Stinging Insect Control Is Best

When it comes to getting rid of yellow jackets or paper wasps, the best solution is to hire a licensed professional.

  • It is surprisingly easy to get injured during wasp removal. Not only can you get stung, but you can also fall off a ladder, fall off your roof, or even fall out a window. A professional has insurance to cover injury when on your property.

  • A professional uses specialized gear and products to deal with wasps, and all safety instructions are followed when dealing with control products. 

  • Some wasp problems can become worse when wasp removal is not done appropriately. As an example, you might cause wasps to start flooding into your home.

Hiring a professional is not only the best way to get rid of wasps, it is the best option for preventing wasp problems. It is easy to neglect to do routine inspections for wasps nests on your property. This can allow wasps to surprise you in unexpected, and unpleasant, ways. During routine visits, your pest professional will look for wasp nests and signs of wasps. If activity is found, they address the problem.

What To Do About Wasps In Mooresville

If you need a wasp removal service in Mooresville, or you're interested in residential pest control that provides coverage for wasps, we can help. Reach out to us here at Lake Norman Pest Control. We use the most advanced products and methods to manage wasp threats and to remove wasps nests. We can help.


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